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As the d'jinns charged him, Arthagn thought back to his arrival in Alterra. His consiousness floated in the same way that it had when the warm light bathed him, and he crossed into Alterra from Fnord. Falling from a dizzying height, the small fledgling landed in a pile of hay............................................... ..................
"Another child. The third this week!"
"This one is different, and I know you feel it. He exudes an unusual amount of passion."
The voices faded as Arthagn fell into a sleep, dreaming that he was a being similar to a monkey, standing on the outskirt of a lush field. The being armed itself with a pitchfork and trudged through the grass. There was a disturbance, and a large object appeared in the orange sky. As it began to descend from the heavens, Arthagn began to perspire. The oval-shaped object sprouted some form of a horn, and grew wicked, long tentacles. It began to grow nearer and nearer to Arthagn, a single, red eye glowing, staring at the boy. As it lowered, its tentacles began to reach for him when.....

"Wakeup, chicks!" Arthagn twisted, falling out of bed. Brushing himself off, the small Avian looked around, taking in his surroundings. He was in a stone room, illuminated by torches. The floor was covered in rags and too-small rugs. In one corner was a rusty cauldron, with small viles of what looked like blood next to it. In another corner was a mirrior, with a box next to it, along with a line of hooks, each with a tunic or coat in them. Cots were lined up in four rows, Arthagn residing in the third. The yeller, a tall Eagle with a long scar down the left side of his face, looked Arthagn in the eye.
"Now, ladies, today we'll start with assignments. You will each diverge here; those who wish to know magic will learn from Ellie. If you wish to learn swordplay, you'll see Remus. Im teaching Archery."
The words barely escaped the eagle's beak before the wall exploded, shaking Arthagn back to reality. The d'jinns weren't overpowering him, but he got hit with a particularly nasty lightning bolt.
He went numb, his hands locked around his bow. Crashing onto the bed of sand, the hero was helpless.
Bitter thoughts of resentment flew through Arthagn's head as a d'jinn warrior lifted his spear, ready to kill the Avian. The moment was exactly like when he was a chick. The wall exploding, the now mameless eagle falling, dead, to the ground. And the sorcerress. She had the face of a nasty old woman, with tree-bark skin, pale in places and dark in others. Her twisted finger pointed, and a half dozen ogres bounded into the small room, scattering cots, and knocking the mirror over. Fledglings screamed as they were snatched up, the ogres dragging them back to the hag. She waved her hands, and Arthagn was stunned, his hands wrapped around another hatchling. She was a hawk. An ogre jerked them apart, and tossed the girl to the witch.
"Mrs. Night! Thi' on' is moar' stronner'," the ogre spoke in a slurred, retarded sounding voice.
"Ahh... bring him to me." She cast the hawk away, the chick landing in a small wagon. The ogre handed an unmoving Arthan to her, whom she cuddled and nuzzled. Arthagn choked on the vommit residing in his throat. He hated the hag. He hated the ogres. And he hated Alterra. Closing his eyes, he clenched his empowered fists.
The fledgling, tears streaming from his eyes, screamed. Silknight immediately fled, relieving her sickening grasp off of him. The ogres darted away, some coughing up feathers.
"Eaten? You ATE SOME OF THEM!?" The rage pulsed throughout Arthagn's body, as he screamed again, this time not stopping. Golden light raced out of his eyes, his mouth, and his pores. The Avian continued screaming, and the light bathed him... until he was back in the real world, confronted by atleast forty d'jinn, about to be executed.
He defiantly raised his head, saying, "You may ha' killsht meee,"(uggh, I hate slurred speech,)"busht you cankt kill shtha myushic."(You may have killed me, but you cant kill the music. WTF?)
The d'jinn looked at him, and laughed. Raising the shaft of his spear, the d'jinn's eyes lit up. He began to shift his feet. In two seconds, the spear was charging at Arthagn's heart.

The spearpoint was Arthagn's focus. Its electrified tip, milliseconds away from skewering his heart. Time slowed down, and the background behind the tip blurred.
The Avian's left wing caught the spear, snapping it in half with little effort. His eyes were glowing a ghostly shade of aurum.
Some d'jinns stumbled in shock. Some fled. But, one stayed. He calmly opened his pack, took out a bundle of leather, and sat it down in the sand. He kneeled, bowing to the bundle, muttering som occult chant with the rythm of "Twinkle, twinkle".
The d'jinn unwrapped the object, held it up, and blew into it. A sharp, crackling, breaking sound escaped the silver instrument. It was an ocarina. Red storm clouds surrounded the two, Arthagn now emitting a bright gold aura, the d'jinn still playing the horrible song on the flute.
A maelstrom opened up in the sky, and a loud roar was heard. The clouds, now turning black and maroon, lowered, the monsoon twisting around the d'jinn and the Avian. A woman emerged from the storm, floating slightly down to the ground. She was adorned with a crimson cloak, which covered black armor, and a silver longsword at her hip, green, glowing eyes showing from its hilt.
The woman opened her eyes, which shone a dark, souless blue. She glared at Arthagn, lightning crackling all around her, sand flying in the wake of her footsteps.
The Avian stood five feet tall, the woman seven. Her body protruded a black aura, darkness twisting around her. Lightning struck her body, sending a flare of argentum into her aura.
The bird stared at the woman, his brown eyes unwavering, carrying the hate that this side of his personality held. Fire erupted from his body, and the Phoenix charged Bastet.

If you have any criticism, noticed any mistakes, or want your toon to be integrated into the story, leave a comment! If its about your toon, leave their Race, Class, Name, and preferred weapon (bow vs dagger, wand vs staff, etc). Im writing a chapter every day, or trying to.

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Subscribed to this thread so I can easily access it! Well written!

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Thanks! it took me a few hours, but I plan to really just make it up as I go, because thats usually how I do stuff.

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is writing one of your hobbie ? well done. +1

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Nah, I just wrote this because its been banging around in my head that there must be an explaination for how people GET to Alterra.
Just extended it a nice bit.

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Great story!

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Good story! You might want to put it on your blog instead :) I've done it and lots of people are reading my story I've started to write :)