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07-21-2010, 11:34 AM
Hello all, my name is Tatiana. I played an MMO called DAoC.. Dark Age of Camelot for several years and learned a lot about MMO and RPG gaming. I was a guildmaster of a guild on one server and officer in guilds before that, which took a lot of work to get to.
My most loved guild was called F.U.N.. Fellowship of United Noobs.

Now being in this guild doesn't mean you're a noob, it's just a fun and happy name that shows that everyone is welcome!

I now want to create this guild on Pocket Legends. I am guild-friendly and love to help out whenever I can. We will do activities together at least twice every month and will hopefully become a friendly family some day.

There will be 5 ranks:
Guildleader - 1-3 members whom unsure that the guild is on the right direction and that everyone's needs are seen. Guildleaders can accept new members or dismiss them from the guild.

Senior Officer - Helps to make sure that the enviroment between guildmates and alliances stay positive and that there are no '' bad seeds '' in the guild. Senior Officers can accept new members but cannot dismiss anyone.

Officer - Rule-enforcer, gets the guild involved. Cannot invite or dimiss members.

Enlisted - A regular, happy member of the guild. Cannot invite of dimiss members.

Noob - Members in two-week trial period. During this time they can see how they like the guildmates and we can see if you are a good guildy.

If you join F.U.N you agree to adopt and enforce the following rules and guidelines:

1. In all forms of communication, be nice! Please use common sense and courtesy.

2. Swearing, racial slurs, and other forms of offensive speech will not be tolerated.

3. Being in the guild doesn't mean you will get PL'd ( powerleveled ) 24/7. Guildleaders and officers can hold one activity a month and one of those may be a PL session.

4. Silence is not a snub. If you ask a guild member a question and they do not respond, chances are they are busy or not looking at their screen at that time. After asking 2-3 times, consider looking for someone else to ask.

5. You do not join with your character, you join with your entire account.

6. Must be lvl 14 and considering leveling to cap ( members who do not only play free version of game )

7. Have FUN! =)

Since we are just getting started, please msg me ( Hotndots ) or Diabloblack in game about joining. Or just post here =) Eventually when we get more members, I will place officer ranks and such.

Thank you, and I look forward to getting to know you!

07-21-2010, 10:15 PM
Hey I would like to join. My IGN is rangepwnsmeel and tank in the making is bodyguardz