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12-27-2011, 10:26 PM
Hello, many requested operative class guides so I decided to do one.


The important thing to remember when playing the class operative is dont worry about their deaths and low
armor. That is because one operative told meh they look for items with hp regen more than the dps. This
becomes a problem because the specialty in being an operative is the dps. If you take out that dps for hp, it
screws up the charcacter and it wont be as successful as you want it.
If your operative is between the levels 1-30, you really dont need to care about how your skills are put and
about guilds. In those levels, you should care more on leveling up, doing quests, and earning money(crucial
when you get too higher levels). You also dont need to think about what sets to get during that level(just
wear the stuff the quest gives you). When your character is a high enough level, for me it would be around
35 or 36, than you should try to clean up your skills, maybe start a guild, and buy sets.

Now you've done enough leveling and reached a point where PVP would be your thing. I would suggest the
levels 39,40, and 41 for pvping. For pvp you need the right skills appointed and the right strategy. Operatives
are weak against Commandos but against Engineers, they have a good chance in winning. Mostly because of
their DPS. When playing against an Engineer, try to finish quick instead of stalling. Because Engineers have
the skill heal which helps them stay in the fight longer and operatives only way is to use combos and finish
them quick. Against Commandos its a whole different story. Commandos have strength and good armour, to
finish them off it takes quite some skill. You have to time your skills and try to avoid their attacks. Try to
knock them back with lurch and than use other skills or combos you have.

Operatives need good sets and builds for pvp. Though all builds are ok if the player knows how to make use
of it, but my suggestion for pvp is to have it all at dex. You may wanna put a bit into int. I would NOT
recommend twinking yet because it significantly takes down the damage and that just wont do. A good level
to twink in SL is when lv 50 comes out. Than you can get better sets and better attributes.


LEVEL 40/41 - I would recommend the Symbotic Set

LEVEL 30- I would recommend Custom Chromaweave Set

LEVEL 35-I would recommend Bladetech Set

12-28-2011, 01:29 AM
I'm not really sure I would call this a guide. More of a... random opinion kind of thing, I guess.

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12-28-2011, 01:38 AM
I agree with DP, this is more of a personal opinion thingamajig. The first half is saying that only Ops should follow those steps. Those first few steps can be used in any class, not just Ops.

Just a bit of my $0.02 :p

12-28-2011, 04:04 AM

LEVEL 40/41 - I would recommend the Symbotic Set

LEVEL 30- I would recommend Custom Chromaweave Set

LEVEL 35-I would recommend Bladetech Set

I wouldn't say recommend cause the sets are the best for the levels

It's not like there is more than one op set for lvl 30
Unless u use plat sets which are better