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11-05-2019, 04:50 PM
As the title says im selling some things. Leave your offers down below or pm me in game: Solidest.
Thanks :)

Venom set Str -> 10% armor, 2.5 dodge, 50% gl, 7 dex

Fortune Fob 3x

260x Awakes

H Fenris
Hiberio 2x
And more trash mythics and all kind of legendarys pm me the name of the pet and i will sell it to u

Blossom Royalty set (R)
Rogues Night ranger set (R) + (W)
Druid‘s Arcanite Hauberk (R)
Infernal Brimstone Wings 2x
Elondrian Angelic sword Banner
Blood Barbarian Armor (W)
Auspicious + Fortunate Dragon Helm
Death Knight Shield 2x
Ghastly Gourd helm 2x
Kooky pumpkin helm
Spooky pumpkin helm
Trickster‘s Guise

Medium Wall Divider
„Lord of Windmoore“ B. Ross
Jarl Gruwald Wanted Poster 2x
Jarl‘s Silver Gilded Chest 3x
Sapphire Gemstone 3x
Amethyst Gemstone 2x
Small gold Pile 2x

Excellent Nature 2x
Water 1x

Fortified Chaos 3x
Diamond 2x
Finesse 4x
Lightning 2x
Nature 2x


Agile ranger Set (Blue) lvl 15
Agile Ranger Set (Green) lvl25
Agile Ranger set (Dark Blue) lvl25
Agile Ranger set (Grey) lvl25

Shipmaster Doublet lvl7 + lvl26

Demonlord Set Red/Black lvl30
Demonlord Armor Orange/Blue lvl30 2x

Bloodhammer set purple lvl30

Bane Knives (Round ones) lvl30

Agile Heartseeker lvl25
Agile Lifethief lvl25 + lvl15