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I'm sorry there's not much action. Boss battles in next part.
Part 2:
Last time on the Chronicles of Orion and the Vampires part 2, Orion got transported by a mysterious portal to an unknown castle...

Chapter 2

Orion looked at her surroundings and slowly crept out of the room. From there, she examined the rest of the castle, but found nothing. She was about to give up until she bumped into a brick against a wall and got transported again... to another room.


"What!" exclaimed Orion.

"Hello! I'm Jumpy the Squirrel."

"But you are not a squirrel."

The Avian rolled his eyes. "Just play along with, ok?"

Orion stared at the five-foot tall bird. He had white feathers and green eyes. Orion could easily tell that this mysterious Avian was not from her village. "Where am I anyways? What is this place?" demanded Orion.

"Don't you know? You are in the secluded section of the Von Vladimir castle,” said Jumpy.
“I never heard of it,” replied Orion.
“Well, just a few days ago there was a disease causing all the nobles to become vampirish and they began kidnapping people and who knows how became of them. So now the remaining villagers and servants of Von Vladimir castle are staying here,” said Jumpy.
“Is there any way to get out of here?” asked Orion.
“Not unless we stop the nobles,” replied Jumpy.
“So what do you say we kick their butt?” said Orion.
“You see, I can’t. I have to go back to the makeshift home,” said Jumpy.
“Fine then. I’ll get out of here on my own,” said Orion haughtily.

Chapter 3
It was extremely humid as Orion continued to walk down the corridors of the Von Vladimir castle. All she had was a stake, a wand, and a fifty mana and health potions. After a while she mumbled to herself, “Why are all the villagers and Jumpy so afraid of the inner part of the castle?” But then suddenly she heard footsteps and hid in the shadows. It was two oh never mind 3 oh wait a second now its 4 and the number of soldiers increased until 10000 soldiers occupied a room. Orion waited till two of the soldiers were left behind. Then she charged one of them with her stake and managed to stab him in the back. Unfortunately, the other soldier knocked her down and was about to slice her until an arrowed pierced through the soldier’s heart.
“Hey Orion,” called a familiar voice.
“Jumpy! Thanks for saving me,” said Orion.
“I decided to accompany you on your journey. Let’s go!” said Jumpy.

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sry didn't have much time 2 do this.