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Once upon a time, in Forest Haven there lived a young enchantress named Kiyoko Snow. She loved to learn new spells every day in her 2nd Grade elf clan. One day when they were taking a field trip to the beach (alien oasis), 2 aliens had taken over their school bus. They all were very scared. A bear cub named Teddy asked the bus driver to please open the bus's door. But the driver was too shocked to reply. The 2 aliens smashed open the top of the roof and jumped in the bus. They picked up 2 birds by the beaks and they flapped their wings in surprise. Kiyoko Snow, a shy elf in the back of the bus, knew what to do. She sneaked past the aliens and pulled the lever to open the door. Then she turned to the nearest classmates and whispered to them to come with her. They did and soon everyone did the same. Then the frightened birds slipped out of the aliens' arms. They flew out of the bus and ran to catch up with the class. The teacher helped calm everyone down. Then he turned to Kiyoko Snow and congratulated her on her bravery. Then the teacher gave her the golden trophy of elf-bravery. She held it up and everyone clapped. Later that day they all had the best beach field trip ever.


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Such a catchy name! More adventures of Kiyoko Snow! :biggrin:

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Thank you guys (: Should I really do more stories? :D

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Thank you guys (: Should I really do more stories? :D
Yes! I really enjoyed reading this one :)

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Yes! I really enjoyed reading this one :)

Okay, tnx! I'll start on the weekend

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i like it :)
want to hear more from u :)

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Nice story! Am about to read part two :)