View Full Version : Lvl 40/41 -> what is the best gear in YOUR Experience? (armour, weapons, shields etc)

02-12-2012, 06:01 AM
Im trying to figure out what the best gear for lvl 40/41 op is mainly for pve.

I play most of my maps using Plat Armour + Blackstar Plat Shield + Nova + Dodge D-2 Implant - I have Total Dodge of 41, damage [69-107 dps 126], armour 645, hit 110%, crit 9, dex 199 with this setup.

Another setup I like is plat armour + custom or plat Tuturra's + Condor Eye Damage Implant
I have only 29 dodge with this but the damage [70-104 Dps 174], armour 435, hit 114, crit 5, dex 206

I have noticed that I end up using a LOTTA stims with the 2nd setup becoz the armour is so low and low dodge, but the amount of damage i deal is very high. I still prefer the first setup becoz i hate blowing creds on stims :) and you dont always get good engi's in a group.

So my question to u guys is, what do YOU prefer from experience? What is the most effective Armour + weapons + implants for an Op?

02-12-2012, 01:28 PM
As an op you main focus is supposed to be damage . I prefer to go with :

Custom Symbiotic + electro razor + plat shield + condor eye implant

Or if I'm i have a good tank and engi in group , I would go with Duals for that huge dPs

Custom symbiotic + tuturras ( custom if you have the money) + condor eye

The above gear builds are essentially the ideal ones for oP.

02-24-2012, 11:47 AM
Custom Symbiotic OR Platinum Armour(i use platinum)
Weapon:-Nova blaster
Shield:-blackstae Shield(plat store)
Implant:-Dodge or Crit implant(either rare or Plat store ones)
Red Symbiotic or Custom Symbiotic armour(more Health than Plat armour)
Gun:-Electro Razor(more DPS)
Or tutura's.Wrath(double gun)
Shiled:-Blackstar Shield
Implant:-eagle eye or Dura skin