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Greensap Farm: As the name suggests, this map from the Vardan Valley expansion is a resource material farm. Unlike other maps where you have to kill mobs in order to spawn the boss, here, you need to collect materials in order to spawn the boss: Jord skratch

There are two approaches to running this map:

1) For Achievement point farmers: Turn off your pet and collect as many ingredients as you can without attacking mobs. This allows for the least possible aggro, and you can move about undisturbed by mobs while collecting. Another reason for not attacking mobs is to allow for high mob density in order to destroy ingredients fast, which helps spawn the boss faster with minimum effort. All you have to do is- go stand in the corner of the field where the boss spawns (top right corner) and let the mobs do the rest of the work for you.

2) For Ingredient farmers: Turning pet on/off is up to your preference. As you go about collecting ingredients, kill mob clusters from time to time so that they don’t start to cluster and destroy map ingredients very fast. Key is to keep mob density low. This type of farming allows for high ingredient yield per map which is beneficial for your crafts.

NOTE: Only mobs and boss killed in Elite Greensap farm counts towards your achievement points

Loot and crafts:

* Successful collection (and destruction) of all ingredients grants every player with a common/rare/epic rarity ingredient and vale tokens.

* Summoning an arcanite/arcane rarity pet in the map gives you greater chance of spawning more Raw Arcanites (a crafting ingredient).

* The most valuable loot from the map loot table are: Interred ring (mythic rarity) , Elite Locked Valley Crate [elite map]

*Materials from greensap farm can be used to craft Locked Valley Crate, Massive Locked Valley Crate, Elite Locked Valley Crate. The recipes for these crates can be redeemed using vale tokens from NPC Goody Wells in Vardan Valley town. These are currently the best option to spend vale tokens on.

*The materials can also be used to craft guild and tavern furnitures from Arcanite Fields Event 2019 (Note: pet recipes from the event cannot be crafted) and the one and only craftable guildhall- Collossal Keep

[B]Jord Skratch attack pattern and tips to kill him:

[A special thanks to Ahhpewpew, Hop and Oasis for running trials and farming deaths with me for this one]

Boss attacks: You need to destroy the power cells which Jord keeps replenishing in order to break him out of his shield. There will be a lightning strike first when his shield is down, followed by a throw of electrical orbs. If everyone is passive (not attacking boss) and anyone touches one of the orbs, nobody dies. If someone is active (attacking boss) and someone who is passive touches one, the player who is active will die. You also die when you are active and you touch one of the orbs. His other attack is gathering electricity in his hand and smashing it down. He also has an AoE attack, which is indicated by a two-tone circle around him. The findings for the AoE attack are inconsistent, sometimes it kills all, sometimes a few, hence I can’t explain the mechanics of the attack.


Avoid the orbs: There is a full-proof way to avoid the orbs. The orbs follows the same trajectory at all times. So, stand facing jord, that way each time he launches his orbs they will miss hitting you 100% (they will always pass by you). It’s his blindspot.

Avoid moving around a lot: Aimlessly running around does not really help. Key is make Jord’s movements as minimal as possible so that you can keep attacking him while facing him. Follow the first tip and and you will avoid farming deaths by orbs

Pets to use: Glowstick is the best pet for use in all vardan valley maps, so it goes without saying, it is a good pet to use in greensap farm. Time its arcane ability to when the boss lauches his first set of attacks. Apart from it, you can use a damage buff/boss damage granting arcane ability to kill the boss faster. The most affordable options are Fatima and Werewiger currently. I would recommend werewiger as it gives standard damage, elite damage and boss damage buffs as compared to Fatima which gives only two.

Timing ultimates: Time your ultimates to your weapon procs and damage/boss damage buff arcane abilities to get the most out of your damage output

PLEASE NOTE: Randoms will always be a mix of Achievement Point farmers and Material Farmers. Each one is going to be nuisance to the other in terms of the way they run the map. So, be tolerant and respectful to others, do what you came to do and leave. If you don’t like it, instead of trash talking, form a party. Nobody wants your negativity.

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good work Buns!

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Nicely explained and the chu army’s deaths weren’t wasted in vain.
We had a blast Bunchu! Literally [emoji38][emoji106]

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nice guide :)

Luciano Lobo
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Excuse me, do you know if Armored Zhulong HB stacks with Were or Fatima AA?


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This was good

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Thanks guys :vsmile:

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Excuse me, do you know if Armored Zhulong HB stacks with Were or Fatima AA?


Hey, the latest pet releases now have descriptions to show the components of their HB's and AA's that stack. Going by that logic the AA's should not be stacking unless an HB that has a stacking component allows for them to stack. I don't use any of the 'long pets either so I never gave a thought about armored zhulong's HB. Don't want to feed you the wrong info, so I suggest you confirm with a dev or some hardcore boss damage user

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Two things to add: APs only count in elite mode and having any arcanite pet summoned increases chance to get the raw arcanite material in elite mode only.
Well done tho senpai bun <3

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Can you loot interred ring from normal Greensap?

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Can you loot interred ring from normal Greensap?

Yeah you can. I'll edit this on the post

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Two things to add: APs only count in elite mode and having any arcanite pet summoned increases chance to get the raw arcanite material in elite mode only.
Well done tho senpai bun <3

(chants to Remiem) plz move this to guide section XD

Gappyyy, thanks I'll add it to the main post :vP:

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Thank you everyone. If you figure out crucial deets that I failed to mention feel free to post them here

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Is jug prevent instant kill?

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