View Full Version : Limited Class 8 vs Non-Custom Runetech

02-16-2012, 01:00 PM
So... Limited Class 8 vs Non Custom Runetech.

Which is better for PVE engineers do you think?

Pros and Cons with Runetech gear as the standard:

LC8= +115 mana, +45 health, + 5 damage/dps

Runetech= +69 armor, + 20 hit, +10 crit

Now I'm pretty sure neither dots or hots crit, so the only thing crit is going to affect is Transference, Pain, and gunshots.

Is there any reason to have over 100% hit in this game for pve?

Armor is armor, but once an engineer has over 750, there doesn't seem to be any real improvement to damage mitigation.

02-17-2012, 09:14 AM
Mobs have dodge as well in pve. And your actual hit is based on their dodge deduced from your hit percentgae.

For comparison, here are my stats in runetech : and in limited class VIII
STR 3 48
DEX 1 1
INT 230 265
Hit 108 90
Crit 13 4
Dod 3 3
Health 402 446
Health regen 2 2
Mana 398 512
Mana regen 2 2
Damage 21-22 24-25
DPS 26 31
Armor 543 483
All of this without weapon, shield nor implant, and full INT as you guessed.
With LCVIII : +3 dmg, +6 dps, (about) +45 health, + 115 mana, -60 armor.

So, i would choose LCVIII for pve if you have trouble with mana and healing, and runetech for better survival.

02-18-2012, 12:02 PM
I've gone back and forth on this at each cap raise since level 30. What I've found is that it is best to have both sets and switch between them depending on the skill and party makeup of who you are playing with at any given time. If you set up a "load out" with each set of armor, you can switch your gear in three or four clicks. One to get into armor screen, one to enter the load out screen, and one to select the pre-set you want to wear. This makes it possible to switch in mid run without too much risk, especially between mobs.

At level 40, I'm now often using a mixed set since there is no set bonus unless you go custom and I'm not personally going to spend the credits to do that. I still use my max armor set in mantle and inner core unless I'm playing with a skilled tank.

04-20-2012, 09:40 AM
Let me put in my 2 cents. The armor bonus for runecraft is not equally distributed across each piece. For example, the chest is +20 armor compared to LCVIII, but the helm and back is only +8. So, I generally wear the helm and back LCVIII and wear runecraft for the rest, which provides most of the armor bonus of runecraft, but also some of the +int, +str bonuses of LCVIII. It should also be pounted out that LCVIII doesn't give +mana\+health, but +int\+str, which doesn't just give you more mana\health, but also gives you +damage\+DPS