View Full Version : Zaphiraki's Exclusive Hideout Club

08-26-2020, 07:39 PM
Hi I would love to invite everyone to enjoy Arlor's 1st Exclusive Club.

Welcome to Zappy's Club

I know a lot of you miss to go hangout with your friends and have fun in a night club since I also miss it.
Despite of this ncov that the whole world is facing so why not party at arlor? :D

Every Hideout Club has it's secret entrance so don't be fooled by this two dance floors since a lot of people thought there is only 2 furniture's at my house ahah :D you need to go in the middle and click basic attack to enter this exclusive hideout club.


Once you're inside hurry up and grab some drinks at the counter to enjoy the fun and feel the music vibe.


You can also enjoy the hot tub while looking at people dancing or either the opposite the people enjoys looking at you while dancing ahahha > . <


On the Exclusive Club we also have this awesome car show.


Also never miss the awesome moment by dancing at the center that brings attraction to every party goers that makes you wet and wild.



So what are you waiting for come now and enjoy this amazing Exclusive Arlor's 1st hidden Club.
come do Visit /v Zaphiraki

Hope to see you here Arlorians :D


12-08-2020, 06:42 PM
Nice danceclub