View Full Version : operative skills and combos

03-20-2012, 10:00 PM
So i have a question, some people have several preferences as far as pve and pvp combos, yes i know no "real combos" exist, but as far as skill sequences go, I always include precision and amp pain maxed, to do effective damage. I've heard some people use sympathetic anguish and do very well in pve and pvp as well and some dont, i personally tried using sympathetic anguish in a build i tried to create and it didnt go well, are there any must have maxed skills for your builds?

the top 5 most important skills for myself in a pvp build would go as follows not in any order

1. flames of insanity must, but not necessarily maxed all the time,
2. amp pain I always tend to max this skill out increasing crit and hit by a lot and also lowering targets armor by 120 amazing
3. neural shock debuff works well
4. precision must have buff
5. psychic lash not necessarily maxed but the root works well for me and the d.o.t. plays well

ive been experimenting with combinations of wrack anguish blur no blur and inner focus with these 5 main skills for me, any suggestions?

03-20-2012, 10:02 PM
Ive also removed inner focus completely as well as maxed blur to compliment plat dodge armor, do you defend or oppose any skills for a strong pvp or pve build and why?