View Full Version : leaving forums till community shapes up.

04-12-2012, 02:32 PM
As title says, I will be leaving behind the forums until the critiquing of dark legends ends. I am well aware that I was on that band wagon. Shortly after I made my personal rant about the energy mechanic in the official EM thread (my posts are now wiped clean in there,) I felt wrong, and had a whole change of mind.

For however long we've known of dark legends, we have been anticipating it like mad. But when the world changed in our favor, dark legends was released, and almost instantly started complaining, ranting, and disagreeing with the game. If spacetime was a huge studio like bungie, Bethesda, or activision, all of this would be different. But because spacetime is a small developer studio, they are being overwhelmed. We are basically insulting spacetime.

So to avoid whatever calamity or chaos is surely to ensue, I will leave the forums. Not permanently, but enough so that I can avoid being named in the assistance of the overthrowing of spacetime studios. Ok, that was a bit too overexagerated, but what ev. :P

ill still be playing pocket legends under my usual characters. I guess ill even restart dark legends, and just ctf.

04-13-2012, 06:18 PM
Eh nvm...