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04-16-2012, 06:18 AM
Hello everyone!

To start out this guide I got to say I classify this game as on the go game, more than others. Hardcore grinding makes you bored fast or use high amount of platinums, if you are fine with both go ahead.

Few facts you need to know. 1 energy regens in 5minutes. To regen energy to maxium (25), it takes 25 x 5 min = 2hours 5minutes.
That's cycle you will need to use this guide effectively. So basically choose things from your day you do on every time your energy is regened. Below is example how my dl / rl day goes.

9am - usually wake up around this time.
11am - eat around this time.
1pm - preparing myself to work at this time.
3am - starting work this time.
5pm - one task at work this time.
7pm - eating this time.
9pm - another work task this time.
11pm - home from work around this time.
1am - going to sleep around this time.

So I have put to my day 9 spots on 2 hours cycle. On each time I log in to dark legends to do aka instant missions. With current missions I earn 150exp from three missions. So I'm making 9 x 150 = 1350exp every day.

And as you see it's all plat free to follow this guide, if you want to go hardcore you can instant Regen with platinum and make your experience gaining even faster.

Hopely it's useful, least for me working good.

04-21-2012, 03:43 PM
lol... if you want to go hardcore??? haha.

i think this is already VERY HARDCORE.... logging 9 time a Day!! my god.

04-21-2012, 05:20 PM
Just spam the mission 'observe from above' after you dump your points into the long bake missions that cost 4 energy. 'Observe from above' cost 5 energy, gives 28xp, and has a 10 minute cool down. If you energy bar is at a zero state it takes 25 minutes to re-play the mission...so you just need to log in every 30 to 2hours and 5 minutes to play it. On a 25 hour cycle the mission can be played 60 times and will yield a 1680 xp, also keep in mind that it has a bonus xp proc as well.

If you simply need to dump points any of the 7energy/35xp instant missions are good as well. If you play those from a bar regenerating from its zero state, at the 35 minute replay rate you can play the mission 42 times in a 25 hour period, it will yield the second highest xp payout at 1470. The benefit of these mission are there is no cool down. So you can spam down your energy bar to zero if you think you won't be able to log in within the 2 hour and 5 minute mark.

The only situation were something yield a higher payout then 'observe from above' in the same amount of time is within the first hour if you spam down a 7 energy/35 xp mission from 25 energy. You'll get a 105 energy off of the initial spend down, then it will take 15 minutes to refresh the energy it takes to play it again...then another 35 minutes to re-play, which will yield 175xp within that first hour. Observe from above only wields 140. Although, if you are playing on a 25 hour cycle, the 6 long bake missions that cost 4 energy, will yield 200 xp, and you can start the playing the 'observe from above' cycle within 20 minutes of that initial spend down.

'Observe from above' also gives the highest gold payout, with the chance to proc bonus both xp and gold. I highly suggest spamming 'observe from above' unless you have a much better reason.

04-21-2012, 05:37 PM
lol... if you want to go hardcore??? haha.

i think this is already VERY HARDCORE.... logging 9 time a Day!! my god.

Login for couple minutes 9 times a day doesn't really sound hardcore.. Even if you compare to pl game session which could last couple hours..

04-21-2012, 11:29 PM
I have discovered a need to use up my energy. I have also discovered there are not enough long missions to use up all my energy before I'm ready to collect, especially since I am resisting leveling too fast on non-dungeon missions. Last I checked I had 30+ missions to collect but I won't because there's xp attached to them :p (Lower xp on non-dungeon missions please!)

And no, I don't log on constantly all day long. It's just that I only collect the non-dungeon missions when I am looking for buffs and do not mind a LITTLE bit of xp, so at most I collect maybe 10 missions a session, while over a day or two, I can pretty much have all the missions with a 1+% chance at a buff ready to collect.

It's very pretty (all those gold bundles) but I have to be careful to not click on misisons I do not have to collect yet :p

12-02-2012, 11:47 AM
Got to agree, in general, the 2 hour allies are the ones I have used in the past to level ... I suggest these to my guild members. If an level cap is increased I would use the two hour ones, and then before I go to sleep/school/work use the ones that take longer.