View Full Version : I'm looking for an endgame pvp guild...or willing to make one.

04-19-2012, 01:56 AM
I interested in a small and leet 21 only pvp guild. Like a 15 person capped guild, of hardcore pvpers. We can work on strats, builds, and gearing...I guess lvling when the cap is raised.

This is some of the things I want in a guild:

gotta be active players
gotta be competitors (no quitting when the going gets tough and/or outnumbered)
good attitudes and mature
good team players
players with a thick skin
players with sense of humor
players with good musical taste
players that are fun
no racist, gay bashing, sexist hate speech
mmo experience preferred
everyone carries their own weight
no drama!
no drama!!
no drama!!!

I've played a few mmo's and have co-ran and co-started successful pvp and pve guilds. Everything from 500 person spam social lvling guild in old school wow, to a endgame pvp/raiding guild, to small pvp guilds in order and chaos.

I prefer small leet guilds with a focused objective and good team coordination, because their is less guild structure and management need, less drama, and more team work and playing. I will absolutely not consider making or joining mass number guilds.

Let me know if anyone is forming a guild of this type, or wants to form one, because I definitely want in. I'm pretty specific to what I want: a small competitive leet endgame pvp guild.

You can hit me up here or in-game if you are interested. My handle is Bail.