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04-27-2012, 12:15 AM
I've noticed this before, but it got a bit annoying tonight so I'm posting. I suppose it could be intentional and they are named after their events, in which case I'll have to go back and read all of them and note that in my dungeon name notes...

(1) In my friend's list, I see a friend in Old Quarter Ivre Street and another in Old Quarter Royale Street.

In my Old Quarter map, I have the following dungeons: The Dead of Night, The Hunter Hunted, Enemy Number One, and the House of Horror.

I do not see Ivre Street or Royale Street. I did read everything, but other than pictures and notes, I'm not that good at remembering names.

(2) In my friend's list, I see a friend in Dark Hollow Cult Killer.

In my Dark Hollow map, I have: Hunter Killer, Haunted Cemetery, The Fox Den, and No Rest for the Wicked. Ahh... the friend moved to Dark Hollow Haunted Cemetery, so I think that means Cult Killer = Hunter Killer.

(3) In my friend's list, I see a friend in Market Subway Quell Green Line Zombies.

In my Market Subway map, I have: Descent into Darkness, No Way Out, Demon in the Dark and End of the Line. I think I have seen an invite to End of the Line before, so Quell Zombies is one of the other three...

(4) In my friend's list, I see a friend in Downtown Suburbs Scour Green Terrace Court and another in Downtown Suburbs Stop the Swarm.

In my Downtown Suburbs map, I have: Hollowgrove Cleanup, Suicide by Vampire, Bloody Mess, Leave None Alive, and The Leader of the Pack...

(5) Someone invited me to join them in Red Light District Emperor's Suite.

I have the following dungeon names in my Red Light District: Blood in the Streets, A Lord's Manor, Fanged Face-Off, and Werewolf Tomb. Which one of these is the Emperor's Suite?

Ahhh... Just got told Emperor's Suite = A Lord's Manor. Even though he invited me to Emperor's Suite, he claims to actually be in Lord's Manor :p

(6) In my friend's list, I see a friend in Marshwood Slaughter Lord Gressen.

In my Marshwood map, I have: Surgical Strike, Curse of Fenris, Mansion of Madness, and A Fallen Angel. I think Lord Gressen is the last one, though the boss there is called Kaal Ozael in my notes...

Anyways, I've been confused by the different dungeon names for awhile. Having the same names on the map and on the friends list and on the invites would be more consistent.

04-30-2012, 12:14 PM
I will take a look at this. Thanks Fyrce!

Update: All fixed, thanks again Fyrce, should go live soon.