View Full Version : Game instance forks and game joining is broken

05-08-2012, 01:50 AM
1. DM/CTF match ends. Let's say there were anything from 6 to 10. Good game, most would like to continue.
2a. I read the results for a few sec and then press 'replay'
2b. I ignore the results and immediately go for 'replay'
2c. Nature calls and I press 'replay' after a min or so
3. I'm in an instace of my own or maybe one or two players from the prior match

... but wait, from a friends list I see that some of the players wound up in another instance of the game.

a,b,c doesn't seem to matter. it happens all the same.

4. I quit the forked instance and run through the sanctuary and I never seem to get back to that fight. Only save here would be the friends list through which I could join the fork they're at.

But this is very very annoying. Because this happens a lot when I'm not with friends, too, and then after the sanctuary run I end up in a new instance with only me in there and I know that there is that group of 7 or 8 people somewhere in there continuing what was a set of good games. So lets assume I had no friends in that fight and I can't get there.

5. I join what ever sanctuary has to offer.
6. This time I end up joining a room with a party of 5 blues no reds.
7. I join the reds, game starts even though I'm the only one on reds. Great.


The game instance forks every now and then. Players from the earlier game are split between two instances. Very annoying now in DL, because we have no game joining mechanism other than through the sanctuary (which is ridden with bug number 2).
(Happens a lot in SL, too, both pvp and pve. First times I can 100% say it happened in SL was last fall during sloucho cap. But there we have game list joining. So there it's only an issue for new players, I suppose.)

The game joining through sanctuary does not put me into a fight that I know has room and im of legit level, but instead favours chucking me into a totally new instance or an instance with one or two in it. Very annoying with in the presence of bug number 2.

Allowing us to form 5 vs 0 teams in utterly nonsensical. Rather than limit that, please just make rejoining a possibility, so that we could ask new joinees that out of ignorance or immaturity or what not mistakenly joined the wrong team to switch teams. Currently switching teams is virtually impossible unless there's a friend in fight.

The worst manifestation of this in my opinion is when we're at 3 vs 2 waiting to get it started. Someone makes it 4 vs 2, then 5 vs 2, and then new game joiners leave before choosing teams because they deem the teams to be too uneven. I'm not entirely certain we need to have a choice at 3 vs 2, and I am certain we do not need a choice at 4 vs 2.

This has said here many times, but the start player counter mistakenly counts joins, not players in team.