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06-01-2012, 09:25 PM
Juggs sets off for his adventure meeting many new people. But, he stumbles across someone named Burke the Blacksmith. Burke tells Juggs to get training because chaos is being poored into the world of Alterra. Burke and Juggs have a talk:
Burke- Get training! the war is starting! we need reinforcements!
Juggs- Why me? what war? slow dow-
Burke- Dont you get it! portals are sucking in people everywhere and they never return! Silknight is casting her spells everywhere!! we must stop her!
Juggs- i dont understand.. millions of alterrans fighting one person and you guys still cant win?
Burke- She is unleashing an army like never before! if she wins, Alterra will die off forever and the universes will switch. i overheard her saying something about a world named blackstar.. we could all be split apart.. or worse.
Just then, the Towne crier, Bennu, Ellie, Gobi, Bayer, the sheriff, Baron the vamp, Ozz, Ethan, Leeha, Veit, Emil, Amira, Sirin, and the other alterrans are sucked in the portal. signs and tents go with it too. so do Juggs and Burke! Juggs is screaming while burke gives Juggs a Bow and fiery armor, they all get split up after that. The portal closes. Juggs gets up from the ground and puts on his new leather and is holding his first bow. He doesnt understand what Blackstar is but who Silknight is, but he senses trouble.
Juggs trys to fight skeletons and he is good at it without training. He is all scarred when he gets to the last room of the dungeon. He sees an orb, a green one. it looks so tempting so he goes over to it. A mysterious person jumps in and Juggs falls back.
Silknight- It is i, Silknight the Sorceress! Youll never get your hands on the orb of nature! im the protector of it!
Juggs- The what?
Silknight- Not this again -.- .. You better leave before you become part of that pile of bones over there.
Juggs- ahh!! youll never take me! by the way, whats the point of that nature orb thing?
Silknight- think im dumb? ill never tell you!! (casts a spell) Silk-lightning!!!
Juggs is laying on the ground now... waiting for nature to take its course. just then he feels energy, gets up and then-
Juggs- (Blast shot!!)
Silknight- (getting blasted away into a wall and dropping her staff) Noooooooooooooooo!!
Juggs quickly scrambles for the staff, looks at it and says Silk-Lightning!! Silknight Gets blasted good and Juggs touches the orb and automatically gets trasported to a wierd place, It looks like a cemetery.. (Dark forest and balefort in this story are connected to FH) He sees a sign saying "Fathom crypt". He also sees an old friend, not really old. Burke is fainted right beside him! Burke gets up after a while while Juggs is sitting down. Burke says he has newer clothes for Juggs, he gives him bone leathery armor and Him and juggs team up for fathom crypt.
Burke takes out the zombies while Juggs shoots arrows at the skeletons. they are a great team. they fight bosses like sparky, it was hard for them. Days pass and they are at sparkys lair now.
Juggs- A blueish orange orb now? wonder what its called.
Burke- Oh thats the.. uh... the orb of-
Sparky- Sparks!! the orb of sparks! and you will never get it!! Silknight has sent me here to defeat you guys for good! Its me, Sparky! Sparky- blast!
Juggs and Burke- Blast shot!! Stomp!
Burke and Juggs get blasted into the wall, sparky takes Burke, throws him up in the air, then uses blast again. But, Burke uses stomp on the blast and juggs trips sparky on to his stomach with an arrow to the knee. the blast hits sparky in the back and sparky just lays there saying in pain:
Sparky- Y-you will n-n-never take me al-live... G-give me th-the orb!... ahhhghghghgh!!!!!! Raaaah!!
Sparky just lays there fainted.
Juggs- Does this get any easier?
Burke- It gets harder. Go into the portal Juggs.
Juggs- Ok. lets go Bur-
Burke- No, cant move, plus the orb only fits one at a time..
Juggs- no... we were a great team! cmon lets just run into it at the same time!!
Burke- Its no use juggs, it wont work.
Juggs- But how did you make it to Fathom with me??
Burke- I was sent straight down to that towne.. The zombies are coming, bequiet and go!...
Juggs- Burke:(
Zombies- Nuuuhhhhhh uhhhh nuhhhh!!!
The zombies reach the corner, Juggs Says goodbye to Burke. And runs into the portal.
Burke- (being attacked by zombies, he yells) we may or may not meet again! remember your mission for the sake of.. AAGGGGHHHHHAAAA!!!!! AHHHLLLLAAAHHTTTEEGGGRRAASDGGHHHHHHHAHHHahahaah!!! !!!
Where will Juggs go next? Will he keep going with the mission? Will Burke get away from the zombies?
Stay tuned for part 3!! :dispirited: