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Xaphan Fox
06-09-2012, 01:08 AM
If I am full health, I will fight you toe to toe. I fear no man. I bet I'll win.
If I am almost full health, I might fight you... or I might stun/dot you and disengage.
If I am up against 2 or more opponents, and not defending a flag, I see no reason to suicide. I will stun/dot and disengage.
If at any point I can slip away to get a heart, then come back and destroy your damaged self... I will.
Most skills do damage to multiple targets. I see no reason to let one enemy's actions do damage to me and 3 others.
I will fall back/juke around a corner, let you attack those who stayed clumped, then come in and destroy you.

These aren't a coward's tactics. It is strategy. It is using my environment. It is being aware of my surroundings.
Don't you dare call me a coward just cause you lemming in, all damage, no falling back, win or lose.
You might not care about deaths... but I do.

And when I am 10,000 kills and only 3000+- deaths, instead of calling me out... learn from me. Cause I guarantee you I understand something you don't.

Furthermore: just because someone is on the leaderboard does not mean they set the etiquette for what is and isn't acceptable. Your way of playing is not God's answer to tactics in pvp.
You can play to amass bulk kills/deaths all you want. I do not play that way. I prefer efficiency. I prefer maximizing my effect on the battlefield per death I receive.
It isn't better than you... just different.

So kindly keep the criticism and name calling where it belongs: 14 year olds on Xbox live who enjoy youtubing themselves quickscoping while drinking Mountain Dew.



06-09-2012, 01:46 AM
Everyone has their own tactics/strategies they use in PvP so I don't see why players look down on people who "run away" from them. Its a good strategy that helps mininize your deaths. I see it this way, if someone has a strategy that works for them then keep doing it & don't worry about the bs people talk in PvP. What people should be trippin' on is the Double Kills glitch that has been exploited since the PvP system was released & people -still- farming kills in CtF. THATS more important than this petty crap people are complaining about.

CtF is all about team work. Too many players out there don't help out and don't do what they're supposed to as a team member. Its complete bs. DM is also about team work but like CtF, people are just going for the most kills they can get and don't care about their team mates.

Respect in PvP is like everything else; earned. Just because someone is on the LB doesn't mean they deserve my respect. To earn it they'd have to be an actual team player in CtF and not just be all for themselves. Someone who actually helps people out and gives tips to other players. Not someone with a huge ego who talks a lot of crap, puts people down for no reason and acts like their the best in the world. Its immature and completely stupid to act like that. Remember, its just a game. No need for name calling and disrespectful crap.

Its funny how some of thise same people complaining are the same people who "run away" sometimes too. Not to mention some (not all) are on the LB as well.

Oh &... If anyone out there wants to set the PvP etiquette/standards, I suggest you lead by example instead of pointing fingers at someone else. Worry about your team and yourself.

06-09-2012, 01:52 AM
Running is usually a tactical retreat

06-09-2012, 05:18 AM
Ok I am really bored to write many things but I have to I think :/

There are many times I see people flaming about running. Some pro kiters that I know are: Demonkillers, Gravity and Aleex. I also know many people who critisize this way of playing as they sometimes lose their kill and also the opponent who runs may kill them instead by swarming them, and we all know swarm can cut 1/2 of the life of an average 1000 life player. I have also found many people who can counter this tactic, like Whiteserpent, and who can easily kill people who use swarm and run to charge another skill.

In my opinion kiting is a tactic. Whoever has played PL will remember and will have seen many times mages running so that they are able to kill a bear or another mage or a bird, also birds kiting to be able to use their range for their advantage. My question is: Why don't people talk about mages or birds in pl, basically there are some doing that but their number is way less in PL than it was some months ago and especially on 35 cap on PL when I could send the opponent flying with my Fire as it had way harder pushback

I beleive people will soon understand that there are many ways to pvp. Kiting is one of them. Going face to face is another. I will surely not go close to someone using Leap, Hellblades, Fatal Burst and the First spell (cant remember name right now). I will swarm him and run back then use fb and then go close to finish him. Some people get irritated by that... Sorry but this is a technique. On the other hand, when someone does that all the time it gets very annoying as it seems he cant play fairly and use his spells in a team. Some of the kiters, and some of the ones I said, make us lose in CTF because the only thing they do is run and kill run and kill and not helping flag carriers or defence. When we teamfight they just hide behind, never go in and charge spells and release.

If someone can play well in a team ( And that is the most important thing in PVP of ALL games! ) then his technique does not matter. Whiteserpent is an excellent pvper who can play very well in a team in CTF, he oftenly wins games alone. Thren and Nassar are also good teamfighters with whom I can communicate well and cap flags easily. They are not afraid to close combat. But when, for example, they are searching for a heart and an enemy attacks all of a sudden, I beleive they will use swarm and run.

IN the total: IF you can play in a team well your technique does not matter

06-09-2012, 07:07 AM
Lols most people prefer you to stand still and not move. Like in pl. Low lvl pvp, like lvl 10-16, if you play as a bird/mage and kite, people says "stop kiting". Lols, pretty much noobers want you to stand still.

06-09-2012, 08:08 AM
If someone is running um... dont run after them so they dont kill you by kiting. :)

06-09-2012, 09:44 AM
I don't run much in CtF. DM is a different story, but I don't play that much anyway.

I view CtF as a war of attrition. I don't seek to maximize each spawn instance in terms of k/d ratio but in terms of "have I advanced the line to our advantage?"

So in most instances, I prefer to act as a shock unit. Dropping in to inflict maximum damage so the guys skating near me can swoop in and finish the job if/when I die.

I s'pose I also do it by necessity since most players I team with tend to want to play delicately and few are willing to sacrifice for the team, like doing the little things in football that net you that extra yard or taking the charge in basketball.

Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks.

Xaphan Fox
06-09-2012, 10:08 AM
If I am protecting the flag carrier... I will throw myself into traffc.
If I am with my team encroaching on the enemy flag room... I will throw myself into traffic.
If I am protecting my flag... I will throw myself into traffic.

If it is anything other than the above named... I will kite you to my heart's content and kill your lemming arse.

Stop whining and learn I say!

06-09-2012, 08:38 PM
Your first post is fantastic! I hate noobs who don't know how to play.

06-12-2012, 01:33 AM
If I am protecting the flag carrier... I will throw myself into traffc.
If I am with my team encroaching on the enemy flag room... I will throw myself into traffic.
If I am protecting my flag... I will throw myself into traffic.

If it is anything other than the above named... I will kite you to my heart's content and kill your lemming arse.

Stop whining and learn I say!

Good points. BTW, naahhh, you dont kite, i played with you several times, at full HP, you will have a go at opponents 1v1 or 1v2 anyway.

In my opinion, team made of players with similar beliefs thrives, dont blame me for being choosy and whenever possible i choose who i want to play with, i would rather play with Qoom than against him (he will still save you with his last dance at his dying breath). I would rather choose Anetrar and Ladymir (though they are at lvl 20) anytime any day over some players at lvl 21 (not mentioning names). I get slaughtered, yes; but i enjoyed the round playing with them. "Run" anyway you want as long as we are all taking the same steps...the team will be ok.

Sadly, although CTF is a team game but it records only individual merits not team effort.