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Barbarax sent us flying across the room, where we landed in a jumbled heap. Then he lunged forward driving his pitchfork down at us...but I'm getting ahead of myself aren't I? My name is Ellie and this is the story of how my world died.
50 years earlier Forest Haven...
As I walked down the path leading to Traders Haven I ran into my friends Jack, an ursan and Krowe, an avian. "Hey Ellie" said Jack. "Hi Jack" I said wearily. "What's wrong?" asked Krowe. "Oh, nothing there are just tons of zombies and whatnot out there and nobody is doing anything and its just soooo annoying and-what?" "You're doing it again" said Krowe. "What?" "Talking" "I'm allowed to talk aren't I!?" Then Jack stepped in "We oughta do something about those zombies" Yes... and we certinaly did! Just not something good...
The zombies poured out of the cave and surrounded us. "What do want?" yelled Krowe. "Talking to zombies doesn't work" said Jack. "Take you to master we shall... hehehe!" warbled one. "OK then" said Jack. The zombies marched us down towards, well lets just say nowhere good.They took us into a large scavenge where we saw... "Alyssa!?" yelled Krowe. "No not Alyssa you stupid bird Silknight!" Now lets back up and let me explain for a bit: Alyssa was Krowes crush back in school but she hated him and she made him do all sorts of stupid things like, well, like, well I'd rather not say. Alyssa, sorry, Silknight tied us up and dangled us over a pit. "What are you doing?!" I cried. "Sacrificing you to Barbarax so he can rise again" she replied matter-of-factly. "But you can't" blubbered Jack. "Watch me" and she pulled the lever...

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Nice start my friend..

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Thanks not really working on this one anymore mostly been working on my other one. :p