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07-15-2012, 04:39 AM
Hello, new player here, i like the game so far and it has some cool concepts but a few things are bugging me a bit but that may just be ignorace so thought id register and ask a few questions...

1. Free plat, i looked around and saw someone else hadnt gotten their plat but was adviced to email support. I did but the response I got wasnt very helpful, was quite condescending and made me very worried about bugs if i were to purchase plat. is there any way to get the free plat that hasnt arrived or should i just ignore it and move on? And followup anyone bought plat that has had troubles with that?

2. Chat window, I got into a guild but I struggle to follow the chat, because whenever i am in a map the window goes over my feeding button so i need to either close it or have it minimized, so i can feed on mission. Can you move the chat window around or customize your interface?

3. The biggest one.. I currently live in Asia, and i assume the server is in the US, but even so the latency is very high. At good times its about 400ms at bad times over 750, playing other games on US servers usually holds pretty stable at around 200-250 ms. Is there any way to lower your latency? Or Are there any other servers to choose from to see if I can get a better latency? The delay when playing is by far the biggest obstacle for me , and may be what turns me of a otherwise great game.

Thanks for the help,

sincerely, truly a newbie...

07-15-2012, 05:38 AM
Hello & Welcome:)
1.Free offers sometimes fail but you do have to play the game you download alittle for your free plat to be granted.
When you buy platinum there is usually no problems with that. Worse thing is waiting 24 hours for the plat you bought lol.
2. The chatbox cant be moved around anywhere but if you tap on the top right corner of it you can make it small, medium or large only.
3. I'm not too smart on this department sorry D:
Good Luck & I hope you enjoy the game!

07-15-2012, 06:29 AM
1. I played the games and did what was at least advertised what needed. I didnt know about the 24 hour wait, that sucks when you are as impatient as i am.

2. yeah, but if it is small i can only see one sentence which is kinda meh, and if its bigger i cant feed.

3. Thanks anyways :)