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Buffedbear Pl
07-30-2012, 07:07 PM
If you don't like to read a bunch, in short- I am quitting. Now storytime.

-The Adventure Begins!-

I joined PL as a bear way back in Feb 2011 since I just got an iPod Touch and was looking for some games. My cousin showed me this game and apparently had already taken the IGN I use for most MMORPG's. Lol.

I leveled to 18 about 3 times. It was insanely fun. Well since I couldn't level past that (no moniez) I pretty much just left the game sitting there. Until I believe it was April or May and my cousin told me to play again. So I went on and made a new accnt since I couldn't remember the email of the old one. BOOM 1-56 was free.

So I made a mage named Powrstriker and leveled with my cousin's bird (Superrgotenks) to 26. I got my own crystalline set and headed out to PvP! We were poop at 26.
My KD was like 100/500 but I didn't care lol :p So we leveled to 35 together. Still poop. BUT. But then, a mage came in. *suspense* A very good old friend (retired) named Magenesss (the frog magee) took me under his wing. I am pretty sure he had the most kills around that time (14k). He gave me a build that would change how I pvp'd forever. 6 Drain 6 Ice 6 Fire. That small build triggered all that potential inzide. With fast fingers my KD shot up to 1000/1100 (I used full brain freeze and a voodoo pin, with Witch toad Tiara). I used that build until Sept 2011 when Magenesss quit and I got my first respec to a low ice high heal build (I never used light back then).

I farmed and farmed with my newly formed lvl 10 bear - Buffedbear. Ah the good times, me, Zolum (my best friend irl), and his brother (kobebryanyt) all had our lvl 10 alts and raced to the cap. Only playa's potion #swag. My cousin supergotenks already made 56 and had a 50 rift bird. Zolum left around L.40 to pursue Star Legends (which had just came out for iOS in August).

Me and kobe got to 55 and just gazed at the 83,840 exp needed for 56. We still didn't use plat potions. About half-way through it became REALLY competitive. I nearly (I don't want to say hate because it's a strong word :)) got really mad at him because I was so caught up in getting there first. He is a FAST leveler, I never figured out how he grinded. I finally caved in and bought the new Thrasher elixir that just came out. I even invited him just to watch me pwn :o

Well, here I am - in all of my glory. Getting 56, probably the climax of this game for me. Best feeling in the world (at least in the world of Alterra :wink:)

And then I got that smexy CoP

I then went to get top-notch gear for my 35 - the Voodoo Robe.

I got my robe early 2012. At that time my best buddies in 35 were (please forgive if I missed your name): Flauva, Fliabalith, Zapoke, Avengerarcher, Badges (never forget this bear), Silenceyoudie, Djcookie, Dynastuu, Aressgodx, Udiemorenoob, Beastgiga, Xclusivemage, Mujeook, Royalboss, Bukweet, iiDeathmageii, Krabanger, Magepanda, and Vestachar.


Whew. I was really in my prime that time, getting around 3k kills in 3 weeks. My KD went from 1800-1400 to 4000-1800. (Btw the Tattooed Elf face was so boss before the lipstick lol)


I remember free respec week after STS made it so we couldn't dual spec by using items, and instead lowered all the stat reqs. The skill glitch with all the bears stacking rage 6x was so fun. My bear's DPS nearly reached 900 with a dagger lol.

Guilds were hot out of the oven and a multitude of them came out. I joined the newly formed AFH with my characters in the 30-35 range. It was a good guild with the most awesome players. I had the best time during AFH. (Booted many times, rejoined just as many :p) Of course, the conflicts came and everyone was made Officer to prevent losing members through booting. Oh the irony, this always leads to the downfall of a guild. The next guild I was in would be Mujalistic started by Mujeook, it swept up all of the new generation of 35 PvPers. I think it still has some members in it - though I left 35 PvP, along with Mujalistic.

-Pursuing the Good Times-

I realized that my interest was dwindling down in 35 PvP. I made a bird named Powrsniper and leveled it to 51, where I figured would be fun since I had the best time there in the Sewer days. I bought a death set and started to PvP. A very balanced range, I recommend it to players who do not have that much cash, as a drainers bow is cheap and effective (I must stress cheap). I learned the builds and quickly got into rivalries and into Rabbid Squirrels. No matter how many people hate that guild, they offered me a home on my first day of 51 PvP, and I have stayed with it. They taught me and I could finally beat mages with a bird. Lol.

I leveled up Powrstriker to 51 and bought a shadow set. I was having a really good time there. My 35 combo stayed the same :p. Through much trial and error, the 26 noob mage 100-500 KD ended up with a 5900-3200. Yay for happy endings.

I was going to make a 56 mage to once again have the CoP resting on my head, but it never happened. :(

-The Decline of PL-

I tried everything I could to not quit. Around Nuri's my interest waivered. With Fang it only got worse. I resorted to hardcore farming, making twinks, and more twinks etc. I now have nearly 30 toons - twinks, farmers, and secret chars combined. I got top notch stuffs for all my twinks and PvP'd across the board. Every level range ftw. I never really liked endgame (buying a custom recurve for 1m and seeing it go to 100k was so depressing lol). When the angel sets came out- I tried 66 PvP, I would call myself a little less than decent but it was enough to hold me for a week or so. After that, I continued to lurk the forums, but have only played on my 38 mage (originally supposed to be a 56 mage, I even bought all the gear when I first made it).

-A New Beginning-

Exactly a week ago, I made the decision to quit STS games- but was persuaded to join Star Legends by how often my best friend plays it. I already had three 15 droids from when SL first came out, but never stuck to it. The guild my best friend and I created (Elite Droids) was pretty much all I was seeing now. I remember it was just us for the first few months of me playing. My op (Sefarix) engi (Powrstriker) and com (Leetface) were all newbies in 15 PvP.

Well I just went about doing what I usually do in PL PvP, FFA and 1v1. Well more FFA. Calling FFA isn't enough lol. I racked up a decent 500:250 ratio and got Red Glasses and a Red Leather Jacket. I must say it is a pretty awesome pair with spiky white hair #class.

Well I made my own guild and of course, it's "lame" as soon as it starts. Well, I was told that there was no meaning to the guild, and I pondered it. I thought about it and eventually just left the PvP arena in SL. (This is all in the past week, happens fast :p)

Involuntarily, I was trying every way to have an interest in STS, I resorted to trolling a UCS Blackstar Towne and it wasn't very productive.

Now, I realize there is no interest left in STS games in me, I've squeezed it all out of myself.

​-The End-

Here are all my toons in case you have something against them :wink: (Secret trolling characters - Unleashed!)

Buffedbear 67 Bear
Buffedbearjr 61 Bear
IxPowrxI 61 Mage
Powrstriker 51 Mage
Powrsniper 51 Bird
Powrtanker 45 Bear
Bengalirep 45 Bird
Rezurrected 39 Mage (the never-was 56)
Powrursan 35 Bear
Porkstewirr 32 Mage
Powrhuman 31 Mage
Buffedbird 31 Bird
Powroutage 31 Bear
Perfectpowr 31 Bear
Buffedpowr 29 Bear
Indianlegend 26 Bear
Powrrr 26 Mage
Birdburn 21 Bird
Cookedswegg 21 Bear
Freeswag 17 Bird
Classovswag 17 Mage
Chefswag 15 Bear
Breakingyou 11 Mage
Powrfarmer 10 Bear
Buffedone 10 Bear
Powrhandler 9 Bear
Underpowr 7 Mage
Sefarix 5 Bear
Powrarcher 2 Bird
Overpowr 1 Bear
Proud Owner of Alterran Swag

Sefarix 15 Op
Powrstriker 15 Engi
Leetface 15 Com
Insanix 1 Op (never-was 20)
Proud Owner of Shattered Mojo Clan

The forum community is the most unique I've seen, with a great support team and players alike. Talents from every corner all come to this forum, and I have not regretted coming here. The hundreds of dollars of plat I've bought has not gone to waste. Thanks for a good time, STS.

07-30-2012, 07:16 PM
(tears) I'll miss you fellow Droid. Hope u come back someday so we can do an all day rush fest. ;) Stick around the forums at least. Arcane Legends may change your mind. Please visit the Droids in SL. You are welcome with us.

07-30-2012, 08:39 PM
always and forever, ill miss you bro.

07-31-2012, 12:03 AM
Peace out man!Another vet down the drain.You will come back sooner or later.See ya then!

07-31-2012, 10:05 AM
Thanks so much for the kind words. We're happy that the games gave you some rockin' good times. All the best to you for the future.

07-31-2012, 10:24 AM
Farewell... Your trail was remarkably similar to mine Good Luck bro!

07-31-2012, 10:42 AM
Good Luck Buffy! Take care of yourself :)

07-31-2012, 11:55 AM
All the best, come visit when you can!

- g

Buffedbear Pl
07-31-2012, 02:53 PM
Thanks everyone for the goodbyes! I am now getting ready to go back to school, gotta maintain those grades if I want to get somewhere! I am also focusing on basketball/baseball a lot this year. I am even getting into programming with Python. Gaming-wise, I really love the new Xbox 360 I just bought, and also been fiddling with Minecraft. I will lurk the forums every once and a while in my free time :)

This is Buffedbear, signing out. :p

07-31-2012, 05:11 PM
Take care, and thx for sharing your amazing story!


08-19-2012, 02:03 PM
Cya buffed,I remember the day you capped,and when I capped.Although I was banned a couple months ago I will still remember everything.:)

08-19-2012, 02:10 PM
Please don't discuss bans on forums.

08-03-2013, 06:22 PM
Powr me and you had the frog gear at level 35. You did have the most amazing nuke. I still use that build today (6drain 6 ice 6 fire). Study gard and all the best of luck to you my brother from another mother

08-04-2013, 07:04 PM
Powr me and you had the frog gear at level 35. You did have the most amazing nuke. I still use that build today (6drain 6 ice 6 fire). Study gard and all the best of luck to you my brother from another mother

The necro is strong in this one.