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08-06-2012, 03:34 PM
*A random story of my character as well as characters who **probably** don't exist in the game, and story lines*

Okakreozuc: *Sitting against a blast door* Huh?...... what happened?..... *touching his head* OUCH! my head!....?.... What happened? *notices Roucoco*

Roucoco: *Checking his equipment* We got overrun!! They shot an explosive charge over the barricade walls, the force must've knocked you out.

Okakreozuc: Why am i here?

Roucoco: I noticed you laying on the ground breathing when I was retreating. I picked you up and brought you into these inners wall where we'd be safe,*Pointing to the blast doors* lucky those blast doors could close.

Okakreozuc: How many survived the attack?

Roucoco: I don't know, the attack wiped much of the frontline out....

Okakreozuc: THAT'S ALMOST 2468!! Get me my Bow!!!

Roucoco: You sure???

Okakreozuc: OF COURSE! *Putting his gear on*.... *Puts his last few arrows into his quiver* *Pulls his bow back*

Roucoco: *Arming his equipment* *Looks up at Okakreozuc* its just you and me, brother!

Okakreozuc: *Starts opening the blast doors* ARE YOU READY BROTHER!!... LET THIS BE OUR FINAL HOUR!

*The blast doors open and a horde of Darktexs notice the surviving avians and charge*

Roucoco+Okakreozuc: CHHHAARRGGEEE!!!!..... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Narrator: Alterra was never like this!, IT WAS THAT STUPID ISLAND! The island was cause of all this death,.... this dispare,.... This sorrow.