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08-17-2012, 01:23 PM
Hello! IGN is Taikeo. I have been playing for a couple of weeks and so far I like this game pretty well. Mobile games really haven't appealed to me long term.. mostly just get things my 4 year old son likes. Anyway I did a search for MMO on the app store (being a longtime WoW player) and found DL, SL, and PL. So far DL is my favorite.

Some questions:

PvP - I love PvP in WoW (which I am no pro but do fairly well at) and have tried PvP a few times in DL (CtF) but really don't get it. Is there someplace I can go to see the maps and learn about the mechanics? Any other tips are also greatly appreciated.

Auctions - what is the deal with some pinks I can list and others I can't?

Guilds - Any good guilds out there that like to run stuff (PvE and PvP) together? Is there a guild chat function in DL?

Thanks in advance!

08-18-2012, 06:32 AM
PVP: You get to choose between Death Match or CTF.
Death Match, you just have to kill, and kill and kill, until a team gets 25 kills. Did I say kill? :) The team who has 25 points wins.
CTF: Capture the Flag system. You have to get used to the map, the map's easy anyway. The mini-map isyour reference. You get to view it by enabling it in the options. Nope, there are no mechanics system or help system, which you can view or read before the game. You just have to go, capture the other team's flag, killing players along way and helping your team mates out. :) I got no tips, I am not a CTF pro. :)

Auction: Which pinks can't you list? If those are pinks you got from promo codes, then, those pinks are non-tradeable and you cannot sell it.

Guild: You can browse the guild list in this forums. Also, you can also get invited in-game. :) There are random PVP and PVE guilds here. :) Once you get yourself into a guild, guild chat function is: type /g and your message.

I hope I was helpful :) Please add Winterkate or Summerkate in-game if you have any more queries. :) See you around and have fun! :)

08-23-2012, 09:02 AM
Also, keep in mind that items you purchase from the store using platinum are non-tradeable. Also non tradeable are a couple of the pink weapons you get as a result of doing 24 hour allies, such as the Hellscream, the red 2-handed axe.