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12-10-2022, 04:34 PM
My life in chaos,
Peace amongst the storm,
I found you Arlor,
As I drank my bottle,
I saw a bit of light,
In a very dark place,
Downloading you,
Led me on a journey,
Unknown what that would do,
Thru my darkest times,
I had you for escape,
Speeding up,
Found myself facing sobriety ,
You followed me there,
My silent escape,
Always a place to meet a new digital face,
Been such a blessing,
The people I met,
From US to Sri Lanka,
Australia to South Korea,
Philippines to Peru,
Brazil to UK,
Turkey to Iran,
New Zealand to Mexico,
Canada to Germany,
France to Spain,
Portugal to Egypt,
Israel to Denmark,
Austria too,
These are just a few places,
Some of my dearest friends,
Hail from,
Stretched thru time,
As water stretches from spring to ocean,
My frogs hopped aboard this ride,
As you added something,
Special as a child,
So many Years ago,
Frogs were something,
I had then when others forced me to submit,
Iíd go to the frog pond,
Catch me a frog,
Arlor made a treasure for my healing,
Adding frogs, I found a way finally,
To express my worst pain,
With my favorite animal,
Converting that pain into love,
For all that passed on through,
A chat here,
A laugh there,
Sometimes even a live game prayer,
I heard so many tales,
So many lives,
People pushing through,
As best as they can,
From the poorest countries,
To the most wealthy,
My frogs speak to you,
Letís bring back some peace,
Through the power of love,
If my frogs helped in anyway,
To take away a sliver of the pain,
Suffering in this world,
I have done my part,
Next is yours.

(I will rebuild it when the time is right)251040

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12-17-2022, 01:34 AM

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