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Scorn technology is powered by a dark gift given to them by their Star God creator. This dark gift allows Scorn War-Priests the power to enslave demonic beings and use them as a fuel-source. These 'beings' exist in a nightmarish dimension that lies beyond the void of space. They do not come willingly! Once they are captured and enslaved the demons' seething rage and hatred becomes a devastating source of energy!

These evil energy sources can be found in almost all Scorn technology but most profoundly in their weaponry. Scorn will place a demon’s heart into the chamber of a heavy weapon, allowing it to grow stronger with each enemy it fells. They use modules filled with trapped souls to increase their rifles’ fire rates and inflict targets with putrid bleeding wounds. The Scorn have dragged giant demonic beasts into this dimension and imprisoned them within massive habitats, harnessing their immense power to propel their forces through space like starships. There is no end to how the Scorn will pervert these souls into implements of destruction.

Until now, the UCS has forbidden access to these horrific weapons. But the Scorn threat continues to rise, and the war does not go well. Now, the UCS may have no choice but to authorize use of these diabolical devices against their makers.

This is your chance to help defeat the Scorn!

Here are a few screenshots to inspire you!



There are Three StarLegends Class Weapons:

You are invited to design weapons for any and all character classes:
• Commando – Heavy weapons
• Engineer – Hand blaster gauntlets
• Operative – Single target weapon, can be dual wielded

Design One, Two or All Three!
Create an original design for any of the above categories. A good submission will probably include both images and a written description. A submission should be appropriate for the category it is in – for example, please do not submit a design for a Hand Blaster Gauntlet to the Commando or Operative categories, as that weapon is exclusive to the Engineer class.

To enter, please post your design to the appropriate forum thread, between now and Tuesday, September 18th at 11:59 PM Central Time.

A good submission post will include:

• Character Name:
• Category: Which category is the weapon submission for? Commander, Engineer, or Operative? Please post to the correct thread.
• Your Item’s Name:
• Images of your design. What does the weapon look like?
• Written description of the weapon. Tell us about it.

It is possible that one person could win all three grand prizes, since any one person can submit an entry for each category (Commander weapon, Engineer weapon, and Operative weapon).

Grand Prizes for each of the Three Weapon Categories

• 100 platinum per category
• Item created in game
• Name of character included in the item description
• The name of the character must comply with the Terms of Service.
• Legendary item granted to a character of their choice on their account

6 Runner Up Prizes

• 50 Platinum to the best 6 runner’s up from any of the categories.

Deadline for Submissions – Tuesday, September 18th at 11:59 PM Central Time
The cut off time will be taken from the timestamp of the forum post of your entry.

Only one entry per person per category.
If you want to change your submission you can go to your earlier submission and edit the post to change to your new submission.

Entries will be judged by the Spacetime Studios Development Team. Equal weight will be applied to judging your visual design and your written descriptive component, so please spend time on both. You can include details about possible weapon procs or effects in your description. We’ll do our best to recreate those effects in game should you win.

Remember – all designs and art MUST be your own – created and submitted by you!

Here are the links to the submission forum threads:

Engineer: http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?67857-StarLegends-Weapon-Design-Contest-ENGINEER-SUBMISSIONS-THREAD
Operative: http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?67858-StarLegends-Weapon-Design-Contest-OPERATIVE-SUBMISSIONS-THREAD

Previous Contests
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Do the names of the items have to have my name in it?
Just wondering

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do we know when the winners will be announced? :)

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Hmm.. no news, good news :).

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Any updates yep Red Stapler?

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Any updates yep Red Stapler?


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Announcing soon!

Thanks for your patience everyone!

The competition was really fierce!!!