View Full Version : Paladin question (AFTER stat-driven skills update)

09-01-2010, 08:10 PM
I'm currently level 39, my friend gave me VERY GOOD level 40 pinks for a warrior. I'm hoping to use one of the two free restats to switch to warrior.

Considering the recent patch, would it be best for me to go 142 in str and rest into int to better my skills or should I still go 142str and rest into dex?

I AM looking forward to pvping and I'm basically hoping to build a strong pvp character.

Also, is there a more successful method to finding pvp matches? every time i search for them, nothing comes up in the game list. Am I doing something wrong?

thanks in advance!

09-01-2010, 08:42 PM
I did some math last night and I believe it's now better to invest secondarily into int - the extra spell damage per int point is more than the DPS gained per dex point, so in essence you sacrifice 1-2 DPS/4-6 dmg for 8-10 dmg in a skill. I would still recommend investing enough dex to achieve 100 hit, which I believe to be relatively important. If you can do some basic 7th grade math, you can work out a distribution that allows for 100 hit with max int, given that you get 0.5 point hit per point dex, and 0.1 point hit per point int. At level 45 with 150 points in str (I wanted the added HP), I had 35 in dex and 45 in int (I added a few extra in dex).

For PVP, I just refresh the games list with the PVP option checked, usually can find a couple games going on. I think you may be just out of range for PVPing with level 45s just yet, so that may explain why.