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07-29-2023, 02:23 AM
I'm buying these sets - please send me your price:

Any 4pc Zap set (preferably sword/shield set)
OG Cop set
Shadowy Cavebat set
Devilish Firebat set
Gilded Age vanity set (any character class, just need full set)

I am selling these sets - taking offers:

Green Shining Starry 2pc set
Black Starry 2pc set
Black Galaxy 3pc set (Arctic Staff)
Arcane 110 STR Valentine set 5pc - 5x XP, 7k damage set bonus
Amaranthine Dragon 4pc set
Blood Dragon 4pc set
Admiral Gold Star 2pc set

Not actively selling, but I'm open to offers on some niche items/collections as well:

All Skeleton 2pc vanity sets - skeletonized (rare), platinum, onyx, gold, emerald, amethyst, ruby, kunzite (rare), amber, and topaz
RARE - Birthday Shield 'cap' set - elite Buckler 8, elite Novenary 9, Legendary Decade Shield/Bracer/Wing (Myth - wing is still glitched, sideways)
Only complete Mystic Silver Serpent 9pc set - includes helm/armor/shield, all 1h/daggers weapons (top 25 of the leaderboard), and all 2h weapons (top 50 of the leaderboard)
2022 Shimmering Shores "The Shimmering Purple Shades" - 1/1 item, the only confirmed drop
Complete 2021 Forest Protector tradable set - helm/armor/shield, daggers, shortsword, longsword - and all leaderboard items top 25 (rose bow, rose staff, and) pistol and top 10 (timepiece). Only 4 people own timepieces, and 2 people actively own pistols.

You can send me a DM here on forums, or meet me in-game. I am Wizzywhite/Thyneighbor. Thanks!

09-09-2023, 04:36 AM
sell skeleton 2pc still?

09-10-2023, 01:21 AM
How much blood drag set 4pcs?