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10-11-2012, 09:54 PM
i got 55/60 on this for a class assignment. i think i like it. its first every story ive done :)

EDIT: the formatting if forums jacked the formatting of it up so bare with it lol

Its 3:00 a.m. on a cold and stormy night. The wind is rustling like it’s trying to break in through the windows, the trees are scraping against the walls like a cat wanting to come inside, and the rain is pouring like a cold shower. I wake up to the sound of one of my potted plants, on my pitted cedar window shelf, had fallen off of the shelf because I had the window open for some fresh air and it blew so hard it knocked it off and shattered the plant all over the ground. I walk into the kitchen slowly, and quietly to make sure I don’t wake anyone up while getting the broom and dust pan.* CLAAAAACKKK BOOOMM SMACKKK* The windy stormy night has turned into a thunder storm, it almost scared me out of my pants as I was walking back from getting the broom and dust pan. I’m cleaning it up, and it’s about 6:00 am, when my parents walk in wondering what’s going on. I told them how the wind knocked the potted plant off my shelf.
They normally get up this early to get ready for work, but today was different. It was a Saturday and my parents don’t work on Saturdays. They did the usual: ate food, got dressed, and headed out to work. I thought it was kind of strange since yesterday night they didn’t want to eat any food or make us any food. It’s not very often that a kid sees this strange stuff. After all I’m only 14 and in middle school and I do nothing but play video games and Pokémon all day. I sat in my room wondering why my parents went to work on a Saturday. I asked around, but nobody knew where they went. So I waited at home. The clock rolls around and shows its 6:30pm and still there is no sign of my parents. Usually they’re here by 5:00pm to make dinner. But like I said today has been strange. I go out and do some investigating myself. I run down past the old man’s bakery, down past the Drunken Pub, past the Cost You less Market, and past the Speedy Car Dealership. I arrive at their work; and it’s a big giant factory with the letters ADSF on it.
I walk up to the big giant steel door and push it slowly open. I walk around inside for a little bit and don’t see anyone, and the lights are off. Hm, they must be down stairs since they always speak about how hot and humid it is down there. I get down to the end of the stairs at the basement and find that the lights are turned off. This day keeps getting weirder and weirder. I start to head back to the door when I see a light in a cracked door. I walk over to it and open the door fully expecting to see my parents and then… find out it’s just the boss man’s desk with his light still on. I go out of the place and walk home slowly. Thinking to myself if I was them where would I be at 8:00pm at night. So I run to the Cost You less Market and walk around for a bit and grab some soda and a snack to keep me busy on the walk back. I stop in all the other stores on the way back to see if I can find them, but I don’t have any luck. As I am walking out of the last store I run up to my… nope they weren’t my parents. By now its 10:00pm and I should start getting back home. So I am walking and walking and walking, I have never walked this road at night before. It’s so weird and freaky; it has a bunch of bushes that look like people and a bunch of trees that look like rocket ships, not to mention the rocky pitted road.
I’m almost home when I see a light on in our barn, so I run over there through the grass so tall you could’ve be walking through a jungle. I was hoping to see my parents in there but, I just find a bunch of animals like: sheep, pigs, horses, cows, dogs, cats, bulls, hamsters, and foxes. You name it and I bet it was there. Then it dawned on me that maybe this was all a dream. So I run home go inside and get ready to go to bed. When my parents walk in and say “Where have you been for the past week boy”? And I reply “The Twilight Zone”…. The end.