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11-05-2012, 05:46 AM
My frist impression, here goes...

As soon as you spawn at the first town it looks great. The graphics are really amazing, it makes pocket legends look dull ;)
The town looks cozy and has most features a player needs, free credit, stash, quests, potions and elixer sale. All nice layout and nicely added to the town.
I only missing auction. It is available in city of kraag, but is it wise to let players unlock all maps before accessing auction? Yes, you can invite/join players at the city, but that is another story.

Unlocking maps as you progress seems more then fair. Each map having its own mailbox for completing quests is one of the best ideas, it almost makes me wish one at the end too. :) The maps look nice, they all have a good layout which only makes you walk up or right side of the screen which to me really proves the point of not needing a rotate camera angle. Its created by design, it works, don't change it ;)
The one valid point i can see is when in town where people stand over npc's for quests/stash/auction and its near impossible to access. Change the distance to interact with npc and issue solved i think. The distance to interact is a little bit on the small side.

The HUD is fairly clean, layout is nice. The quests/notifications are nicely added in a small way. The chatbox is a little small, i prefer the sl/pl chatbox, its a bigger (easier to read) and cleaner in style/layout.
The menu is a bit much. So many button/options it's scattered all over the screen, it's like everything good about the default screen has gone bad to the menu system. And is there even a way to respec your character points? Until know i only know to access it at lvl up, because of the shortcut key to increase character points.

I do miss a few short keys for saving gear setup, skill maps and such. Even the predefined/quick chat doesn't exist, which i actually like. I do miss it, but it makes people actually talk/write instead of spam lines over n over. So please *don't* add quick chat! pretty please?

I truly miss the ping on my screen, i know it accessible via the menu, but i really don't want to press a button to know if its lag or a bug or just me of what is going wrong. Please move it fixed in a small corner of the screen, maybe as an option visible/invisible?

The new joystick works really well, i love it. I do kinda miss walk by pressing on the screen. It prevents me from walking and chatting (or something else) at the same time. Catching up to people is slower, stop and talk while i need to walk, walk, walk. I might missed it if its an option, but i don't think it is :)

Playing maps are fun, after playing for a while i don't actually miss having the reviving skill. Perhaps at playing at boss and die over and over while trying is the one and only place missing having revive. The boss at gold mines is one of such places, hes one tough cookie! It's a long walk just to die all over again. If one player dies, the risc that the other players die is big, specially if takes a minute just to join them again. Yes, it just 1 plat, but really does this need to be a profit margin? Adding a new (closer) spawn point for fighting at bosses? It could solve some rage of dying and walking all the time.
Potion/stims/pots regen is slow already, even not existing for mana pots! Perhaps we need a new cozy shelter at town for pots-anonymous, it will create an addiction to the tavern to buy them all the time! :p

Friends, guilds and the feature of parties are very nice to have. Partychat is too blend, it needs more colouring its too close to white in my opinion.
Is there a shortcut too? /partychat is a bit long for my liking ;) I guess /p is taken for promo stuff.
Inviting people i might not understand well yet or doesnt work as i expect it does. We wanted to invite a guildmember to the city of kraag and there was no clear way of doing it. We spoken to a developer ingame and he advised to friend him and invite. I'm sure i'm not going to friend all guildmembers just to invite them, i have a guildlist and a friendlist separately (stubborn me). I found out that by creating a party and invite them is possible too, but not very obvious.

The pets are fun. They really do need some attention :) play or tricks, people just want to get them as do i :) It's cool how they can lvl and learn things in the progress. I do like the quests where you have to find an owner (i was and still am clueless :D ) or collect stuff (best quests ever).
I think there should be more of these collect quests in general, like in events from other games.

I don't understand the classes well enough just yet, they all seem able to heal and fight. It makes me wonder what a mage can do other then dying all the time, but i hope i will figure it out by myself ;)
Heals seem to have a long cooldown period or either heal too weak or generate too fast (unlike SL split up boost in parts over time). It's a team effort, but we are still clueless of who is healing and when...same for playing solo, it is making extra hard. Its a first impression... ;)

Overall job well done and...THANK YOU!! :)

11-05-2012, 06:15 AM
I agree! Great feedback :D

11-05-2012, 07:12 AM
Can't wait to play it now!

11-06-2012, 01:59 PM
Well said Tearacan, a thorough and comprehensive round up of the features of this new game. Im loving it too.