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04-22-2010, 04:34 PM
So yea Hit 30 on all 3 classes today and now all I want to do is FARM those items I dont have That may just be for the sake of having for EX all the Jewel items which I think are neat to have and maybe wear in town and chat, but most of them are trash stast that I wouldnt use in Dungeon (unless maybe really crappy players and cut down damage to avoid death after death.

ANYWAY looking for a FARMING group? if one exists, or players that want to farm with me (LVL 30 PLEASE as some dungeons will not give EXP) And hey have fun doing it. Like trying new combos and not having to worry about kill or be killed all the time. Honestly I feel players willing to farm these items not just pink/purple epic/legend are not idiot players and would prove more positive then a potion/skill spam fest. Of course we want the great weapons too so, if you want me to join your farming let me know, or come join mine!

Name lvl Class Skill/attribute Sever

Tobikuma 30 Archer (damage/evasion) Alterra
Thorulf 30 Warrior (Tank/HP,HIT) Alterra
DuCiel 30 Enchanter (Heal,Nuke/MAGIC) Alterra


And yes I know they are "working on" trade system but hey in the meantime you could get it for free PLUS more gold, potions and kills if your worried about that.

04-22-2010, 04:53 PM
You can farm most of this stuff solo with the right builds. I know its less fun, but you get to keep the loots ;)

I'll farm with you this weekend perhaps.