View Full Version : The Ruler of Alterra: Part II: The Alterran Games

11-13-2012, 06:17 PM
He looked as if he was about to cry. "Remus, I know what it feels like losing a brother," Arthur murmured into his ear. "Marlon died as a proud man; he stopped the Fnordians from invading Alterra." Arthur said. Remus looked down at the ground. Right next to his feet was the shotgun that was used to kill Romulus. He picked up the shotgun, and felt a strange power of happiness. "That is a very rare weapon, pal. If I were you, I would collect the whole set," Artie said. "Yeah well, as long as I kill those pesky idiots who killed my brother, then my work is done," Remus said with his eyes staring at the shotgun. "Well, we better get going," said Ellie. They paced down the crowded streets of Blackstone. They found themselves back to the path of darkness that connected Glumdoll and Blackstone. "So where should we go now?" asked Ryom. Suddenly, they saw a piece of parchment fall down onto the dark red sands. "What's this?" Vincent asked. "The festival has begun, and so has the war," Remus started. "No one will survive, unless their hero will strive," Remus said confusedly. That was it; it looked like it had a piece missing to it. "We have to find the other piece," Remus said confidently. He flipped the parchment over to see a map of Alterra. He studied it carefully. "Hey look, these are the places at war," Remus said. "Let's see......Wyldwood is being attacked by the Scalefield Army from Ancient Swamps. Humania is being attacked by the vampires from Mt. Fang. Fathom Crypts is being attacked by the-oh no!" An arrow pierced the air and hit Ellie in the chest. "NOO!!!!!" Vincent yelled loudly. "OI!!" Ellie screamed. "Guys, go!! Run for safety!!" A bunch of arrows shot past Remus's head. "Fathom Crypts is being attacked the Fnordians......" Remus muttered to himself. Suddenly it hit him. When he, Vincent, and Ryom ran out of sight, Remus explained to him what was going on. "The Fnordians chose to destroy Fathom Crypts first because it was the only link to the land Fnord. The Fnord's chose to attack Alterra because Alterra killed half of their tribe by playing the Alterran Games." Remus explained. He remembered this from when his grandfather, Jackson, told him 7 years ago. "What are the Alterran Games?" Ryom asked. "It is the game where you are forced into playing it. It was a game where you had to cut off the neck of the other player. Somehow the Alterrans were very "skilled" at playing the game, and their leaders, Sela and Marlon, were undefeated. But suddenly, a very angry Fnordian didn't play by the rules and killed Marlon. Sela is still living today, but nobody has found her ever since." Remus said. Then he realized something. "Arthur's brother is Marlon!!!!" Remus exclaimed. "Hey can I see what other part of Alterra is at war? Hmm...okay. It looks like the McCroc Army is at war with this army called Arlor. What kind of name is that?" Suddenly, they heard a voice. "WELCOME TO THE ALTERRAN GAMES, EVERYBODY!!!" They quickly ran to the direction of the city. "First matches!!! Come up!!!! Let's see! Bennu Anderson! Merchant in Forest Haven versus Jack Jackson! Merchant in the Ancient Swamps!!" They both fought for more than 15 minutes when finally, Jack swiped Bennu in the neck with full force. Remus couldn't look. It was too painful to watch his dad's best friend's son die. Then a piece of parchment fell on Remus's head. "The only way to save the future is by going back to the past," it said. What did that mean? He read on to the next line. "The hero will face death when fighting. Death will win, unless history changes it." Remus scratched his head in confusion. He read it again and again. Then he knew what it meant.


Thanks for reading, and next in the series, The Second Great War, will be coming soon!!