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This story and pics have been put together by me and melodicdeath. There will most likely be expantions on it in the future. It is a mix of LOTR and AL.

Arcane Fellowship:
Long ago, when the land of Arlor was still young, three unlikely companions were summoned to band together and destroy a great evil that contaminated the land. Destinies entwined, this fellowship was to be known as Legend amongst the people. Their Bravery, skill, and everlasting dedication to their world and its inhabitats would earn them, not only immense respect....but freedom. Freedom to all, and peace across the land once more....

In times of peace there lurked greed, control and power not far away. Deep within the fires of the black mountain, there arose a great dark army, lead by an inscrupulous Dark Lord. He was cold and heartless. He desired nothing more than for every race to be confined to enslavement...or death. Nothing could fill his void nor satisfy his ever ravenous ego.

A dark army appeared, spreading like a flesh consuming disease, destroying all in its path. Few survived and many fell to shadow. Little hope remained and so much death weighed heavy on the hearts of those who remained hidden, spread out and cut off; from the world... and all whom they loved.

Times were particularly dark in the kingdom of Minas Tirith: The Great White City. A greatly respected nobleman and his army were slain in attempt to defend their people and their great city. His wife, a beautiful and fair Elven woman named Goldenberry and her daughter, Siren. They were taken from the confines of the city in secrecy, to the well protected home of the Oracle, Tom Bombildil.

Siren Was young, beautiful, and very skilled. She was brave and was not afraid of death. She wanted to avenge her father and all those who had fallen in battle. She was escorted into the Mirkwood forest to stay with the elves who resided there. She was to take on an apprecticeship to learn the art of the blade from a group of rouge elves. It was a well protected fortress, concealed by ancient magic. A race of sorcerers had aided in the protection of the forest for centuries. They dwelled in the darkness and mist of the Barrowdowns, not far from Tom and Goldenberry. They controlled eerie creatures, Barrow weights, which were used to protect their caves and ward off unwelcome company.

Tom, being rather close to these small magical creatures, requested that one of their elders journey to Mirkwood to watch over Siren and protect her. So Mortiis, a well respected and very skilled mage took on the burden as his own, and headed through the Barrows and far off to Mirkwood to fullfill a yet undiscovered destiny of his own.

Many miles away, there were some who resided in the dark places of the world where many darent go...into the deep depths of the misty mountains. A warrior race, brawny, tall and of Numenorian descent. They grew ever powerful within their carved stone warrior halls. They were taught the ancient skill of Dwarvish weaponry by their allied friends of Moria. There forged from rare metals unique to only the deepest and darkest areas of the mountain underbelly. Mithril, as strong as dragon scales, yet light as a feather, proved to be choice material for their armour. They readied themselves for the hellish spawns of the Dark Lord, chasamed in the firey pits of the black mountain.

Time past and Siren was now a deadly weapon of her own. Equipped with Savage elven inscribed duel blades, she was a force to reckon with. Mortiis and she had become very close in their time spent together, and he offered his services to accompany her on her journey. It was said the evil had now spread across Arlor, so Arlor, is where they must go. The elves felt a deficet amongst the two party guild and forsaw they needed a third...a warrior. They called upon a powerful wizard to request a favor from the giant eagles of the mountains, of whom he was closely connected. A message was sent to them to retrieve the greatest warrior of those who lay hidden in the misty mountains. Bardock, a burly, iron clad man accepted the request and agreed to venture off with the rough girl and her mage. Together, they would form a fellowship and rid the world of evil once and for all......

Sts guild thread: http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?75361-lt-Arcane-Fellowship-gt
To join the guild: http://arcanefellowship.shivtr.com/


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