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11-15-2012, 11:01 PM
Well i have managed to get withbthe game. My 3rd day and being a rouge 1st time.. However i alwaus goes wif the healing class as an engineer in sl.. And an enchantess in pl.. However looks of a socerer is wierd and so i chose rouge... Now 1st is about the revive skill.. I guess you can build that skill to the in game menu of the charcter. Like if the character is dead nearby.. Tap on him and select revive... Thats the best option.

Also about the primary attack method... Tapping is wierd devs... Please make it like auto attack as pocket legends or mb like sl too

Third thing is the cs.. I guess cs is available in the kraax as i am lvl 13 and wasnt able to find cs... So mb we can give acess to cs to all players..

Fourth is the rouge thing.. I see it cope up with the operative or the archer class in the other games and a dex based char. But i cant see any distant weapon for them.. I mean no primary wpn as bows... Wondering why..
Also no skills are coping up with them exept two.

Fifth is the healing part... Healing is important.. But a rouge heals only by walking over the packs thrown by her. Well nice idea but sometimes we also need quick healing.. There is an upgrade which allow the caster to heal as the spell is casted but that is applicable only when we charge it. So i suggest shuffle those skills.. If we press 1 button we get heal.. And if we charge... We get pack thrown....

Sixth is the companion's gold consumption...
Being a low level player... Its hard to get gold and thusbits hard to feed the pet same time.. So i say we can feed the pet after 60 minutes of play... That means feed the pet.. Play for 60 mins then feed again and at the same time if we play for 30 mins and rest for an hour and then come back.. We still have our 30 mins of play before we feed our pet...

Well thats al for now... Its a nice game btw.. Hats off sts... Looking forward for these fixes...

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11-16-2012, 02:39 AM
Woha..... 17 ppl seen it and no comments.... Sts need u over here.... :p

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