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11-16-2012, 06:27 PM
Change Electrical Charge from
Enemies slain by this attack have a 15% change with normal Lightning Strike and 25% with charged Lightning Strike to explode and release bolts of lightning upon their allies.

Enemies hit by this attack have a 15% chance with normal Lightning Strike and 25% with charged Lightning Strike to have the electric current bounce to nearby targets and inflict lightning upon their allies"

The current way is just like Chest Splitter, but with lower % chance of explosion, yet it only hits 1 target instead of multiple. So to balance it out, i think it should have a chance to bounce to multiple other targets when hit, not when slain

11-16-2012, 08:56 PM
any thoughts?
Electric Charge offers 15/25% explosion on death for hitting a single target
Chest Splitter offers 25/40% explosion on death and hit hits multiple targets

11-16-2012, 09:10 PM
I would use lightning if it had a lil more targets or AOE it offer, and/or I saw hit multiple targets more often as is I hardly saw when I tried it:)

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11-16-2012, 11:01 PM
Exactly!! Maybe it the ability should turn it from a strike to a chain lightning that bosses to 3 additional targets, so it's not just a normal aoe like fireballs 3m radius

11-17-2012, 04:55 AM
As OP has stated light should be on par with the other attack skills b/c right now gale/fire does way more combined damage > light.

and my suggestion for light, when light hits 250% on critical should be changed to "charged light hits 250%" b/c it won't be for a while till people actually have enough crit % for it to be of any use

11-17-2012, 11:17 AM
I think all of the spells should be single target on regular cast and AoE on charged cast. That's just my opinion, though. I think it would help with variety in builds because people won't be choosing the same spell every time just because it is AoE. Charged versions should also add some sort of status effect, like stun or slow, stuff like that.

Regular: damage with chance to set target on fire for dot.
Charged: AoE damage with chance to stun. Pretty much like now.

Frost Bolt:
Regular: damage with chance to chill (slow) target.
Charged: AoE damage with higher chance to freeze (root)

Regular: damage with a chance to stun.
Charged: AoE damage with higher chance to stun.

Gale Force:
Regular: damage with a reduction of hit% from dirt and stuff in their faces.
Charged: AoE damage with hit% reduction and knockdown/back.

Time Shift:
Regular: damage with a chance of slowing target and giving caster a small speed boost or reduced cool down times.
Charged: AoE damage with a chance of rooting in AoE and gives allies and caster a speed boost or reduced cool down times.

Arcane Shield:
Regular: shield for caster with a damage threshold. No time limit.
Charged: shield for caster as above, but weaker shields for allies with a time limit, no damage threshold.

Life Giver:
Regular: caster is healed only.
Charged: caster and allies are healed.

I would also suggest that any target stunned, rooted, or slowed have a hit% bonus applied to attacks against them because they are no able to defend themselves properly.

Note: all regular attacks, as stated earlier, would be single target.

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11-17-2012, 01:06 PM
/agree on all that. I think the Mage class could use some balancing and work done. Sometime not charging a spell should be a good option.
Like you said no charge = single target, maybe have a addon to the skill that increases damage when not charged and the other addons give aoe capability or status effects or damage over time. I also would like to see an ability that debuffs the enemy and any spell that hit him have a chance to restore X mana to help with the mana problem

11-17-2012, 01:20 PM
Not only the spells could use a tweak, but how about weapons, too? Like a staff that does reduced normal damage but gives bonus damage to ice spells, or an extra mana regen buff to life giver. That would also help to diversify the builds.

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