View Full Version : bug unlocking elite levels (freezes machine on loading screen)

11-18-2012, 04:40 PM
We were fighting in elite mode and I died on Stabb and they finished him while I was running back (annoying i did not get any loot BTW since we dont have revive even though i fought 99% of the fight)

Then we got to the enmd of teh level and the timer stopped. When I went ot zone to next locked level, ti froze the scren on loading and i had to hard reset.

I am assuming that it did not give me credit for completing level and so got stuck snce i was trying to zone but could not zone to a locked zone?


11-18-2012, 05:15 PM
The achievement is unlocked by killing boss so not only missed loot:/ but if u need to unlock elite lvls to get back to where u were ( like catch up w/ the party) u can run through spamming pots and go to the portal to next lvl.

Beware there is also a bug idk if its only elite mode but we cleared all of elite rooks nest to get to the boss and he froze on us, and wouldn't reset when we ran to beginning of the lvl. So we cleared elite rooks for nothing:/ o beware the fury you'll experience if that happens lol

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