View Full Version : Future Innovations to Arcane Legend/Bugs/Fixes

11-20-2012, 11:48 PM
Okay before I start and people start complaining about this going in suggestions/Feedback I know , I wanted people to see this and give their opinions first, in S&F it won't get viewed hardly. So if a Dev could please move this appropriately after 2-3 days that would be great. Okay so here's some ideas I would jot down in my notepad whenever I would think of them while playing.

*Chat lock on buttonn, stay on g chat or p chat . It would be cool if we could switch between Guild talk and Telling without having to press /G or /T + Name every time lol.

* Pet feeding scrap it!! This I feel is unnecessary and horrible. At lvl.16 the pet eats 400 G of food which is outrageous!!

*Auction house clicking, I'm finding trouble clicking on the people when auctioning an item . The angles iffy...

* AL cant move glitch. I find myself getting stuck for some reasob, I think it might be the joystick .

*opening chest not working. I have to sometimes click it 2-3 times to open even when I load it.

* bad words correcting when reply not a badword. It keeps star-ing **** words that aren't .....bad

* overall all time pve kills leaderboard/seasonal leaderboard. Would be cool to have two separate categories, one overall and seasonal one.

*Party still showing someone who logged off.

1. Inportance of chest opening
.( Pinks are in chest that reside in dungeons I've be one rich from these !! Always open!!)

2. Importance of keep a balanced game for future.

(I think this talk of balancing some characters power is crap. Don't do it or AL will end up like SL....ruined ...