View Full Version : All the bugs that i have and all my suggestions for the future.

11-21-2012, 12:08 PM
Hi there,
Im 27 years old and Im playing Pocket Legends and Arcane Legends.
Im level 76 in PL and im playing for a very long time.

1.Tavern Keeper in Windmoore - The Slurred King
when I pressed on it she is saying that i have a big adventure but when i pressed on it, I don't get any quest.
2.Quest: Help Gustav!. Im pressing on gustav but I don't get the quest.
3.Chrome: There is no Q and W movments like PL, It is annoying!
4.Chrome: There is no keys for potions like Z and X in PL.

1.First of all try to add a message Oh-No servers are down like PL. Right now we are see "authenticating" and we don't know where is the problem in our internet or in the servers.
2.Adding quests counter for each city (same like PL). for exmaple: City of Windmoore 0/9 etc.
3.Adding a clock to the game of servers time, that way we will know when the updates will be.
4.Make Chrome more easy to play with the Z X for potsions, Q W for camera.
5.380 gold for 25 postions it is too much when you earn 4 gold from a monster. or to raise the gold or decrease the amount of the postions.
6.Problem with stats, it is hard to play without a LOT of health, Im a mage and i need to put too much points in STR to get at least 1000 health otherwise ill die real quick. (in PL im pure Int and in every skill it was easy to play).
Mage need to focus on Int for better skill damage and better healing etc, right now we can't do it becaue we will die without 1000 health or even more.

You are doing A REALLY good job with everything! with all of your games.
I hope that you will find my review helpful.
Thank you.