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11-24-2012, 04:32 PM
I really don't know where I should put this; it is part suggestions and part bugs that I've noticed in different boss fights. Anyway, I have played since day one or two on the android release and the game is fun, I have only died about 40 times, mostly whilest I couldn't afford health potions (different story lol).
But I recently I ended up soloing a few bosses multiple times. There has been extremely noticeable bugs repeatedly in those fights. Some are just annoying, some make it hard to avoid attacks, and others... Just need a complete rehaul in my honest opinion (no offense)

First is the Stabb fight-
When he starts his stun attack, I will move about 5 feet completely behind him (in the game world). As soon as he charges... He twirls around and I get pushed back and am stunned. Another glitch with Stabb is that if you run from his charging attack, and DO NOT get hit for a couple seconds, he will warp to you and you will be damaged.
Also I have noticed that these are the only two moves he has. My suggestion would be to possibly add a few more skills to him. I think of him as a rogue, so maybe a ranged attack or smoke bomb stun?.
My experience on this is from soloing him a few times while lvling up to 15, then I had a15 minute one on one fight with him on elite (which I won).

Next is Kraxx (The last boss before Travelers Outpost)-
Up until Stabb appears, while Kraxx is shielded, you can just run in a circle around him and he won't even try to attack you. HOWEVER, once Stabb appears the fight becomes increasingly hard (even at lvl 15 on normal) and I feel that Stabbs glitches are in that lvl too, but he also attacks much, much faster.
My suggestion is a total overhaul (while keeping the shielding) in which each enemy comes out at certain health points... That way there is more strategy to the fight, also I would replace the third person with someone else (his health is extremely low (on normal atleast)

Finally the Troll (will have name in future edit) fight in Ydra Forest-
This fight has probably for me personally the biggest glitches. First, even if you are completely out of the attack area on his sweeping attack, out in front that is, you occasionally will be hit by it. Then on the same attack, if you try to avoid it by running behind him, only half the time can you get clear of it. It seems as if the swing comes back farther than what the red area shows. Also if you are running away when he starts to stomp the ground, if you aren't atleast 4-5 steps away from attack area, it will still hit you.
Something I've noticed on him as well is that for his size and the size of his weapon, he swings extremely fast. My suggestion for this is really just slow down his attacks by just a half second. For the other, the attack area just needs reduced by a mm or two lol x)
My experience on this is I have had atleast 4 or 5 solo fights with him on normal.

On an end note, I have not just came here saying this stuff because its happening one time Or I'm dying from them. I have a 4100/43 (or something like that) K/D rate. I have 118.2 dps(due to the text glitch) and 2k hp... I have asked my guildmates about these bugs and they all experience the same thing. I have asked dozens of random players in the game and most also agree. Some people probably do not agree with me, but I am posting it to make my opinions be known

11-24-2012, 07:22 PM
I agree with your comments on troll, not about the swing speed, but about the shown swing radius. For Stabb, I'm not too sure if it's a bug, since it seems to be his skill that allows him to charge to you and hit you.

About the second boss, who I believe to be Ghul and not Kraxx, from my experience, he does attack you when you run in a circle. His attack speed is pretty slow though, and if you have a pet who can stun him, it might make it as though he doesn't attack after getting the power from the portal. Personally, this boss does require strategy. With a good team that consists of mages and warriors who can freeze or push back him so he doesn't recharge at the portal, the battle becomes easy. The team would be able to kill Ghul before he even recharges once. With a bad team on the other hand, Ghul can take forever, and with all the three other bosses spawning. Personally, I find this battle to be the most team-oriented boss among all the bosses, at least in normal mode.

12-27-2012, 01:59 AM
Yeah I just found an 'exploit' with Glob and Mardrom boss fights that you might want to be aware of or reply with your findings when you get the chance.

I think Ghul is especially easy with a good team. As a sorcerer I believe I can stun him with a fully charged normal attack which kind of prevents him from recharging. You just need a decent team. Sorcerers with fully upgraded curse powers + guapo are good imo. They help bring down damage output and/or reduce enemy armor.

As for the Troll, I've also noticed that the attack range is larger than the red markers indicate. Perhaps a little fine tuning is in order but I haven't been seeing this consistently enough to suggest a task be made to fix it.