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11-25-2012, 12:54 PM
not trying to complain but ive really just have to make a note here. i know alot of these are being fixed for the next update but geez.. they couldnt have thought about this in the beginning?? and obviously complaints about plat, the developers need to make money for the game to be able to make it better but there are hundreds of other games in the same boat that make it work so they should be able too as well.

first off everyone wants the best armours and companions right out of the gate without putting any work into it. they use the plat to get great armour then find better armour and want to sell their previous armour for ridiculous amounts that only people with plat can afford. you all are killing the in game market. selling pinks for 200k? are you kidding me? lol as if the drop rate of pinks arnt weird enough, no one is able to afford them in the auction either! and this is only lvl 16..

anyway i can deal with that. im use to working for what i want so theres no problem. but what kills me is trying to do dailys and watching as these warriors (and only warriors because their health and armour allow it) run all the way through a map to the boss, kill it to receive the rewards, then leave. theres no way for the rest of us to get any of the rewards afterwards who are still fighting through the mobs. this is very annoying and even when im just doing runs for the heck of it i have enough respect for the other players to work through the mobs with them. theres needs to be some sort of host system to boot people and have the bosses not appear till the mobs are cleared so maybe this wont happen. it makes the game experience very poor. im not out to nerf warriors either i think all the classes are fine its just how you build and play them that makes a difference.

also in the auction there needs to be an option to not just sell items but buy them and bid for them maybe. a person can pay for a slot as normal for an item they post and put out a price they would like to pay for the item. or a person can buy a slot for an item to sell and put a starting price on the bid and let people place offers till the time set for the item runs out. i dont want to have to spend my playing time arguing in chats or forums trying to sell an item *for a fair price even* when i could let it sit in auction and check on it whenever i feel like.

just some things on my mind. anyone have any better ideas about the auction or want to blast me for posting this? lol i know plats probably not going to change so prices will always be insane. its very much a childs game just something to keep me entertained for now but. ya know ha maybe some people know whats coming for the new updates that can enlighten me :) tyty RiffRaff

11-25-2012, 01:02 PM
i just realized i posted this to the wrong section but i dont know how to move it to suggestions and feedback. if you know how please tell meh cause i dont ha

11-25-2012, 03:21 PM
First off, you're complaining about rich anxious people buying stuff with real money and this way supporting the game and then making their precious goods available for you for ingame currency.
So, you want the latest and the greatest but are not willing to pay for it either currency, right?

I know the pain, don't get me wrong. I just hoarded up 50k to buy that Flamestrike Rod only to see the price was 500k, not 50k as I had first read.
I admit, I shed some manly tears (not more than three) but then realized that thing had only 10 damage more than my old AC/DC I bought for 9k. No biggie in the end.

As for the warriors rushing through the maps, I've seen them a lot as well.
Don't see that as a big problem though, for three reasons:
1) I can rush through the maps just as well with my Sorc if I want to.
2) I can plow through Watcher's 1 solo in 1 min 10s and Kraag Crypt 3 in around 4 minutes or so (that is by killing everything).
3) I can team up with a random person or a guildmate and run through places alone without having random warriors joining in ruining my fun.

Been a big fan of Spacetime Studios since Pocket Legends release and while paying real money for ingame stuff hurts me they're doing it among the best out there.

11-25-2012, 03:55 PM
yea i mean i dont wanna bash too much on the plat right now cause of that reason, that the game is making its money to produce better updates. im just hoping they balance everything out in the future. i dont mind doing all this work to get what i need im pretty much set right now. and holy moses i had 50k saved up for that ish too and it was turned up 200k on me the next day now its at 500k hahaha i just cant compete with that lol i plan on buying plat later in the game for stuff that will be worth the money.. but trying to have the best armour now at lvl 16? it just seems sort of foolish to me ha the plat itself is only worth so much in game gold so selling stuff like the flamestrike for 500k just seems like a waste of time since im sure no one would actually buy it for that.

your also right about being able to rush through the map myself and on your own im very capable of doing it but theres just an emptiness inside leaving all those precious chests untouched and not killing everything in site :P and its not that big of a deal i know but having to constantly ask guild members to run with you for dailies is sort of a hassle. i am running elite now though so its only a daily run thing so im not dealing with it as often but lvl up to 16 for new characters is sometimes a problem. the crypt runs are no problem though ill run through that thing on my own anytime :)

i think this is a great game too though, i never played PL. im still enjoying myself just hoping they bring the right changes needed in the updates to come. i played celticheroes on the iphone but lost everything after a milk accident :C so i came to this on my puter. im a little spoiled from how my other game was set up but i have high hopes for AL :)

11-26-2012, 01:34 AM
Used to do Celtic Heroes myself as well. Didn't keep me entertained for that long.
On Pocket Legends, it's really similar to this game. Started with lv16 or so level cap as well and now I see signatures of people having lv70ish characters on it. If this game follows the same way it'll be golden.
Too bad I quit that one (and Star Legends as well) due to awful amount of intriguing games on Apple AppStore. Now on Android camp with less games I hope this will keep me in for a long time.

11-26-2012, 12:57 PM
yea if you know the guild 'Avalon' (the strongest and most organized guild in the game as of right now) i was in there. in morrigan. the lvl cap is around 160 now though haha but it just takes so much time and effort to play and be good enough to do boss runs. i just didnt have the time anymore. gave all my stuff out to the clan and took it off my phone cause it was very addicting and the only way to keep myself off of it ha but this is why i like AL its fun and not so complicated to where you have to give your life up to get the things you want. it reminds me of playing Gauntlet as a kid at arcade places d: but i hope your right. i almost started pocket legends instead but figured playing this from the very beginning like everyone else could be some fun too. watch how the guilds get better and the new updates to look forward, rather than playing catchup.