View Full Version : Pc keybindings and Android Suggestions

12-12-2012, 10:07 PM
I love this game but a few things really annoy me first of all when playing on pc the entire game is played with the keyboard the only use for the mouse is to navigate menus so why not allow the spacebar to answer yes and esc key to answer no on menus when entering and exiting areas and when a timed run is over. It is so annoying running into the tombs with the keyboard then having to use the mouse to click yes then click the X to close the best time screen why not allow the keyboard to progress those menus. Also allow keybindings for the stable at least, but also for other things assignable key bindings. Also on the Android please reactivate the little pet icon below your health and mana in top left corner it was so much easier to push that pet button just like a stable shortcut instead of going thru menus during a fight when your pet craps out. Last but not least I knows its probably a bug but stop the audio clicking in the middle of lots of action i have played this on a few different devices and pcs and most of them have a horrible audio popping when a bunch of sound is going on at same time. Thanks I have some more but i will save them till the next update because it probable will be fixed then.