View Full Version : Eternal Wing - Recruiting

ChiLin Lee
12-14-2012, 02:33 PM
Wait for the new years update : PvP system !

we are recruiting good player : high damage , farm elite mode

i am 16 warrior : damage 97 and 16 mage damage : 183

looking for good guild to play with ???? come and join us !!!

Send the friend quest to " Leaflin "

Our member are waiting all good player :D

for our rule : currently patch -
over 10 - recruiter
over 16 - officer
next patch -
over 15- recruiter
over 20 - officer

We are upgraded with guild castle and members are able to purchase potions at discounted price.

we help people to get Haunted title and most of the Achievement point in elite mode !!!!

If you are looking for friendly guild , come and join us :D :ambivalence::ambivalence: