View Full Version : Smoke bomb vs. nox bolt

12-20-2012, 12:27 AM
I'm choosing between those 2 right now.

I have
3/5 medic for self heal and support heals for others that needs,
4/5 shadow storm for long range aoe,
3/5 aimed shot for high damage boss special + critical buff for more dps overall,
5/5 dex passive.

At level 21, I have a remaining 5 skill points left.
I only have 3 skills right now and is a bow user so what do you guys think is best for my 4th?

Smoke bomb sounds amazing right now since everyone is having trouble maintaining mobs and it can help with bosses and elite bosses by reducing damage and hit chance. Plus giving a passive defense boost + attack boost for all inside the range.

I hear some people preferring Nox over aimed shot with sounds insane LOL I've tried it out and the aoe effect is just as wide as shadow storm and has a damage over time. I also hear nox bolt is a great combo with aimed shot but how? May someone please explain just incase I missed something?

Right now the buffs and the overall damage reduction + damage boost to all party members from smoke bomb seems the best and that the damage given by all and damage saved from smoke bomb will greatly out dps nox bolt. But I may be wrong since I rarely see people use smoke bomb for some reason.

Now my question is to all rogues, what do you think is best in the long run?
Smoke bomb or Nox?

12-20-2012, 03:19 AM
I tried Nox bolt again. There are specs in Nox and Shadow Storm that increases the range to 6m, but it looks like shadow is a lot larger? Is Nox mainly used as a boss skill for its charge DoT?