View Full Version : Ranged rogue with bow.. interesting play

12-20-2012, 01:58 AM
Today I bought my first bow 500 gold. It was an epic graceful bow of potency. 38 DPS, 15 dex 8 int.

Just fooling around with it, I put +15 strength, the rest in dex. Somehow due to my equipment I had about 950 health. Skill in combat medic1, storm shadow shot 5, aimed shot 4 and passive - movement speed.

Ideally I need to have a tank to cover me. But if I had one, I could safely and efficiently snipe mobs at a distance. I didn't need to use much of my mana at all (saving money). Without a tank would mean hit and run, which is only possible with space (tombs too cramped, mobs too many)

Against bosses I hoped that the movement speed would avoid their special attack. Against the undead troll, it would be difficult. Too cramped. But I did successfully solo the boss, Glob @ Arcanum castle..
I did this by hit and run, charge normal attack, with a few aimed shots. I did conserve man a and used only a few health pots. I manage to avoid and destroy the 2 nasties summoned by glob.

All in all I'm quite satisfied with ranged rogue. What do you think? Would you choose a 4th skill? Would you put points in passive, but not movement?

Did somebody tried the guns (mages)?