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12-20-2012, 09:20 PM
**Missions are in time order : 30seconds/2hours/24hours**

Kain’s Crest

Alma Vasquez - 3 power
Earn some Fast Cash
4exp / 51gold
Find Blood Packs
8exp / 59gold +1 Blood Pack
Search the Baron’s Belongings
16exp / 68gold +Minor Mystery Item

John Cathaway - 7 power
Take Cathaway’s Wallet
11exp / 116gold
Clean out ATM
13exp / 148gold
Search the bodies of the undead
37exp / 159gold +Lesser Mystery Item

The Graveman - 10 power
I need some quick cash
12exp / 171gold
Make an investment opportunity
26exp / 197gold
Find something special
53exp / 228gold +Major Mystery Item

The Old Quarter

Liegh Branagh - 7 power
Get some quick cash
14exp / 105gold
Loot the abandoned corner store
38exp / 133gold
Find the good stuff
26exp / 301gold +Lesser Mystery Item

Alma Vasquez - 10 power
Word on the street
14exp / 161gold
Loot the dead ghouls
38exp / 219gold
Contact an arms
85exp / 289gold +Major Mystery Item

Orderly - 5 power
Take lunch money
14exp / 70gold
Gather information on tenants
19exp / 109gold
A little B&E
19exp / 215gold +Minor Mystery Item

Dark Hollow

Working Girl - 3 power
Collect cash from dead Hunters
8exp / 44gold
Open Safes
9exp / 91gold
Find the Hunters secret caches
33exp / 108gold +Greater Mystery Item

Liegh Branagh - 8 power
Rob the state plots
19exp / 117gold
Dig up a private plot
54exp / 167gold
Open a crypt
37exp / 461gold +Minor Mystery Item

Night Watchman - 13 power
Collect discarded jewelry
21exp / 213gold
Find hidden cash box
61exp / 328gold
Find secret rooms
140exp / 468gold +Major Mystery Item

The Outskirts

Cultist - 9 power
Impart wisdom
34exp / 116gold
Collect ritual blood
48exp / 261gold +2 Blood Packs
Scrye for useful item
47exp / 645gold +Lesser Mystery Item

Bystander - 4 power
Extra money
16exp / 52gold
Write a check
14exp / 143gold
I need something special
34exp / 226gold +Greater Mystery Item

John Cathaway - 7 power
Pocket cash
19exp / 105gold
Cut me a check
24exp / 250gold
Buy me something nice
88exp / 302gold +Major Mystery Item

Market Subway

Night Watchman - 12 power
Petty cash
35exp / 187gold
Claim bounty
44exp / 491gold
Get something from evidence
167exp / 601gold +Minor Mystery Item

Blake Jones - 6 power
Word on the street
25exp / 78gold
Pawn some stuff
36exp / 196gold
Contact an arms dealer
35exp / 510gold +Lesser Mystery Item

Reporter - 8 power
Cover up
23exp / 124gold
Grant interview
69exp / 205gold
Lie, lie, lie
46exp / 680gold +Greater Mystery Item

Downtown Suburbs

Night Watchman - 3 power
Pay off
14exp / 40gold
Collection Money
12exp / 138gold +3 Blood Packs
Extra Grease
31exp / 227gold +Major Mystery Item

Bystander - 11 power
Pay out
34exp / 179gold
Inform on the Cops
103exp / 309gold
Search dead police
166exp / 625gold +Greater Mystery Item

Liegh Branagh - 5 power
Shake Down
23exp / 67gold
Uncut Diamonds
32exp / 182gold
Trade gems for goods
76exp / 284gold +Minor Mystery Item

Gallows Alley Slum

John Cathaway - 9 power
Pawn wristwatch
43exp / 125gold
Credit cards
37exp / 459gold
Surprise me
145exp / 569gold +Lesser Mystery Item

Liegh Branagh - 5 power
Fast Cash
17exp / 86gold
Power Up
50exp / 153gold
Surprise me
33exp / 549gold +Minor Mystery Item

Bar Fly - 12 power
Take wallet
39exp / 206gold
Take monthly rent
50exp / 611gold +4 Blood Packs
Prized possession
193exp / 758gold +Greater Mystery Item

Red Light District

Bar Fly - 8 power
Empty out purse
40exp / 115gold
Go get more money
57exp / 348gold
Hit up bar patrons
56exp / 970gold +Minor Mystery Item

Working Girl - 13 power
Fast cash
28exp / 290gold
Makes some calls
92exp / 566gold
Family heirlooms
90exp / 1576gold +Major Mystery Item

Liegh Branagh - 5 power
Pawn Ring
25exp / 72gold
Pawn Vampire Teeth
22exp / 279gold
Pawn Limo
85exp / 347gold +Lesser Mystery Item


Blake Jones - 7 power
Fast Cash
36exp / 104gold
Collect Blood Packs
32exp / 422gold
Surprise Me
83exp / 712gold +Lesser Mystery Item

Orderly - 10 power
Patients pockets
35exp / 190gold
Care Packages
110exp / 353gold
Morgue’s stash
72exp / 1322gold +Major Mystery Item

Cultist Spirit - 5 power
Rob the dead
11exp / 118gold
Steal the essence of life
37exp / 235gold +5 Blood Packs
Bind the souls to this plane
89exp / 376gold +Greater Mystery Item

Willowbrook Parish

Alma Vasquez - 12 power
Fast Cash
64exp / 186gold
Collect Blood Packs
92exp / 603gold
Surprise Me
90exp / 1713gold +Lesser Mystery Item

Orderly - 8 power
Patients pockets
43exp / 124gold
Care packages
38exp / 518gold
Morgue’s stash
99exp / 877gold +Lesser Mystery Item

Cultist Spirit - 5 power
Rob the dead
12exp / 125gold
Steal life essence
57exp / 188gold +5 Blood Packs
Bind souls
62exp / 548gold +Greater Mystery Item

Morhaven District

Bystander - 11 power
Take payoff
41exp / 229gold
Go get more money
53exp / 759gold
I’ll take your trinkets
209exp / 952gold +Minor Mystery Item

Wannabe Hunter - 6 power
Rifle pockets
14exp / 157gold
Escort to ATM
48exp / 320gold
Demand coolest item
114exp / 519gold +Major Mystery Item

Alma Vasquez - 9 power
Pocket Change
34exp / 187gold
Blinged-out fangs
106exp / 359gold
Bring coolest item.
70exp / 1376gold +Greater Mystery Item

Fresnel Cemetery

Blake Jones - 8 power
Quick Cash
31exp / 174gold
Search dead ghouls
40exp / 585gold
Question the undertaker
157exp / 735gold +Minor Mystery Item

Night Watchman - 12 power
Collect discarded valuables
46exp / 261gold
Raid mausoleums
59exp / 878gold
City reconnaissance
235exp / 1102gold +Minor Mystery Item

Liegh Branagh - 6 power
Take payoff
15exp / 165gold
Fence a necklace
73exp / 253gold
Steal valuables
79exp / 749gold +Minor Mystery Item

Worlmen Sepulcher

John Cathaway - 11 power
Grab cash
43exp / 249gold
Search graves
137exp / 487gold
Supply run
90exp / 1895gold +Minor Mystery Item

The Graveman - 5 power
Exchange info
29exp / 87gold
Pick up blood packs
26exp / 386gold +3 Blood Packs
Report to council
68exp / 660gold +Minor Mystery Item

Cultist Spirit - 8 power
Rob the deceased
47exp / 138gold
Project the dead
67exp / 476gold
Perform banishing
65exp / 1378gold +Minor Mystery Item

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