View Full Version : Full Dex (Passive) Or Full SSS

12-21-2012, 08:00 PM
I'm almost 21 an I'm having trouble deciding between full Dex passive or 5/5 sss @ lvl 21 imma be switchin to bow I got a zero effect of butality lvl 21 from cs along with some other 21 gear to be all set up for chests farm I wonder which one one will be more beneficiary to me as I'm the type that dies alot from aggro pulls/dum tanks

This is my soon to be spec if I get full dex

Aim Max
Nox Max
SSS 4/5
Viel 2/5 shadow absorption
Dex 5/5

An take one away from Dex an add it to sss for other choice , myself is leaning towards to dex because the 6m hit range from sss doesn't look very appealing but I would like some feed back full dex or sss?