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12-26-2012, 04:28 AM

Hello, y'all! It's me, Raptor, back after a year's hiatus (closer to 3/4ths of a year, but I'm too lazy to say that. Oops, just did :banana:).

After climbing back on to my lvl65 bear, I levelled up to lvl68, high enough to play Blacksmoke. At this point, I took one look at the xp required for lvl69 and paid 5 plat for a new character slot, to create, you guessed it! A Ranger. I never really liked birds, because all it felt like to me was Buffs and Debuffs -> Cruel Blast. Rinse and repeat. However, with the promise of a brand-new DPS class looming, I took the challenge and created the almighty FuzzballPrime. Quite an appropriate name, one would agree. This thread will be an ongoing log on my adventures as a Ranger, in the hopes that it will guide other newbs who feel like shooting poison darts at foes. Eventually, I may make something resembling a guide out of this thread, as I have observed the Ranger forum has a lack of guides that actually guide people through making a darned Ranger that doesn't completely and utterly suck. Without further ado, let us begin the adventures through Alterra!

Day 1- 26/12/2012

Today was the day I created my Vixen. After deciding that a light brown tan and a blue shirt would look totally badass on my fox, it was time for the most difficult part of any character creation- the name. After oohing and ahhing for a good 15 minutes, I decided that anything sounds better when you add the suffix 'Prime' to it. So it was that the sexy Vixen Ranger, FurballPrime, came to the world of Alterra. I was thinking of adding the suffix 'breaker' before I decided on the name, but I soon realized that 'Furballbreaker' didn't have the same ring as the name of my Mage, 'Wandbreaker', did. I'm not even sure if that name fits. Lesson learned: Don't try to break some things, but break everything else. Mostly some boring xp grinding to get out of the slums of Forest Haven and the lower-level dungeons. At the time of writing, I am lvl11. I particularly like Poison Needles. AoE with a poison effect and push back? Sign me up.

My Stat Point Distribution Per Level

For my stats, I considered, briefly, a hybrid Dex / Int build. Then I realized that Strength > All in endgame. Strength / Dex hybrid it 'twas! I am going to invest mostly into Dex up until AO, at which point I'll start piling on the Strength until it matches my Dex. Then, I'll keep it even on my way up to lvl76. The way I'm doing it at the moment is by adding 10 dex and then 5 strength every 3 levels, so that I'll always have enough to wear the newest Dex equips.

tl;dr? I'm going 10 Dex 5 Strength per every 3 levels up until Alien Oasis, at which point I'll start adding on more and more Strength until it matches Dex. I'll then continue with equal Strength and Dex up until the cap.

My Skill Point Distribution Per Level

This is basically going to be a constantly-updated section of how I'm spending my skill points per level. As a general rule of thumb, I'm going to be investing into buffs and debuffs first, then AoE / combo pieces, then single target skills.

LVL1- Hold
LVL2- Hold
LVL3- Hold
LVL4- Hold
LVL5- Hold
LVL6- 5 points into Evasion (5)
LVL7- Poison Needles (1) [Didn't realize the cap for skills was 6, not 5 >_<]
LVL8- Evasion (6)
LVL9- Rabid Bite (1)
LVL10- Hamstring (1)
LVL11- Poison Needles (2)
LVL12- Poison Needles (3)
LVL13- Poison Needles (4)
LVL14- Poison Needles (5)
LVL15- Poison Needles (6)
LVL16- Fox Howl (1)
LVL17- Armor Shredder (1)
LVL18- Hamstring (1)

Well, I severely overestimated the time it would take to level up. Already at 30 with almost 23 hours of a 3x combo to go (got it from the daily). Might skip the entry writing and make a guide.

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Ooh and Ahh...?

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goodluck :)

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Ooh and Ahh...?

Onamatopoeia for indecisiveness.

goodluck :)

Thanks! I'm going to try and forget I have a lvl68 bear and just start from scratch.

12-27-2012, 01:58 AM
In a more stimulating way of saying ooohhh and aaaahhh... xD