View Full Version : Doom Horde has Arrived!

12-28-2012, 07:11 PM
yea that's right Doom Horde is created!:loyal:

joining this guild will give 100% more fun for Arcane Legends.
The guild have alot of fun activities: :highly_amused:

Hauntlet run
Elite run
GOLD run
Cannons Gamble game (playing with cannons in kraag for money, the winner will get the money!) :encouragement:

we also have some few contest: :welcoming:

weekly legendary item (1 player will win a free legendary)
nice guy (weeks best and most helpfull player)
i need GOLD (each month 1 player wins 10k)

i hope you wanna join just PM me, send me a freind request or leave a comment below! GL: Zrudo