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01-08-2013, 07:45 AM
Genocide is an 100% full PvP guild who are only recruiting twinks atm, when the update releases we will consider the high level's depending on their PvP stats =). The GM is me, Infrico ( level 21 warrior ) , although I frequently transfer master role to my other toons: Twinkleton( level 16 twink rogue ), Twinkd ( level 16 twink warrior ) and Espadatwo ( level 21 sorcerer ) . I also transfer roles to trusted members such as Sunny, Anadianar, Eviltaki and Agnesio from time to time whenever im inactive. We also have our own shadow hall. As mentioned, we are only recruiting twinks at this point in time so please reply for anyone that is interested =). I or a trusted member will check out your items to verify that you are indeed a twink, so please reply if you feel you meet the criteria. Thx =)

* If you are looking for a huge guild with a large community I recommend you not to join us. We do not mass recruit like most guilds do, ofc due to the very specific entry requirements.