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01-11-2013, 05:26 PM
So I am posting this in regards to the PvP tournament I have been setting up. I made a few errors in post but have been too sick to make proper revisions. All ov the structure will be the same however simply disregard the CTF and replace with DM for this one. At this time I am accepting registrations for teams in whatever fashion is easiest for you all. We would like to get this tournament underway as soon as possible, yet realize that without participants that can be problematic... every guild is encouraged to participate. Worst case scenario you lose, best case your team ov 4 wins 1 million gold. That being said, isn't it at least worth a try, or at the very least experience playing as a whole within the microcosm ov your guild?

I would love to see this tournament underway before the month's end. But in order for it to work I need each guild to get to the grind and set your teams up so I can begin structuring spreadsheets and the tournament brackets. Below I will list all means to contact me with your registration.

However it is done, please simply entitle it 'registration' and I will see to it that it will be completed. Please include guild in which you belong, team name, members ov said team, and best availability for the players, (as well as time zone if possible.)

Email: Visabledarkness50@gmail.com
Kik name: visibledarkness
DL characters: Ahrimon, Shamash, Abzu,
DL forums: ahrimon (can private message*me)
Post reply on this thread will work as well.

Thank you all in advance,
Infernal hails,

P.S. I realize that not everyone reads forums. If those ov you that do could either help spread word and/or point those in this direction I would greatly appreciate it.