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09-22-2010, 04:00 PM
Hey everyone! I just started playing a Avian and got him to lvl 10 already. This is a great game and it seems like the community is very mature, helpful, and fun also. I really hope to meet some new friends to play with nd what-not. I do have a couple questions.

So like i said, Avian Archer, now I have pretty much put all his little points into Dex. Besides like 10 STR. So idk 10 STR 56ishDEX nd like 1 INT. His DPS is great nd i seem to keep up with people who are 5 lvls higher than me if i keep my distance, but will all this bite my behind in the long run?

Also, how do these dungeons ive been running work? lol Are they random? Generated? Nd if i have an unfinished quest nd i go into the magic portal, it will take me to where i need to go right? So if Im in the first town (not Dark Forest lol cnt remember) nd i need to get the Nature Orb or w/e it was nd i went into the portal itd take me relatively close to it, or at least in the dungeon? Just trying to get the mechanics down.

Sorry for the long boring n00b questions, but I'm really excited about the game and plan on spendin some platinum here soon, so thanks in advance! I'd also really like to get to know people to play with.

09-22-2010, 06:00 PM
hi, welcome to the forums!
an archer is great and i suggest putting all your stat points into dex. no dungeons are randomly generated; they stay the same, although it would be cool to have dungeons get randomly generated.
to get to your unfinished quests, open your quest box and click on a quest. then, on the bottom right, there will be a 'go to' button and if you click it, it will lead you to the dungeon where you can complete the quest. if you have already completed a quest and you click the 'go to' button, it will lead you to an npc who you can talk to, to claim your award.

09-22-2010, 11:31 PM
Thanks so much for the info! So, if I go to my quest paghe and i dont have any quests, but it says, for instance, talk to drake to get a new quest, which my does at the moment, how the !@#$ do i get to him? lol I cant find him at all, and I want to get through all the quests legit-like. Someone might say hes on a certain level but idk how to get to that particular level, do i just grind though th first ones until i get to ,say 6? And to do that do i use the portal?

Also, when i use my Avian Screem skill it doesnt seem to do what its supposed to al the time, same with the Thorn Vine thing, even if Im right next to something. Especially doesnt work, almost never, against trolls nd such. Do i need a higher skill level or are those skills pretty much useless against stuf like that? I just wanna know what skills i should focus on, I have Blast Shot maxed at 5, can it ever go any higher? Thanks in advance, and also if anyone wants to play, I'm lvl 13 atm and name is

Speetz :cool:

09-23-2010, 12:03 AM
drake is at forest haven, chapter 6 and to get to him, you can either create your own game or join a forest haven, chapter 6 game.
avian scream isn't very effective; it does stun but doesn't knock-back at all. thorn root does work but not against the bigger guys, like the bosses and the trolls. blast shot maxed is very good and the max is 5 for all skills/spells. i also suggest you max focus and evasion once you get them; you will obviously have focus, i'm not sure if you have evasion or not. you can add Raxie if you want, to go through some dungeons with me.

09-23-2010, 03:09 AM
Right on man! Thanks for the help, really cleared things up for me. One more ? Here's my strategy: Max Dex, Evasion, Blast Shot, and prolly Restore first, and worry most about +Dex and DPS and anything that helps with Regen last. Right now i have Talons of Dex, no regen bonus but my DPS is 60 and im lvl 15. That seems to be pretty good, as I manage to even "pseudo-tank" as i call it by getting the aggro and then keeping my distance and leading the mob around without them hitting me. This seems to be really effective and since i got my Talons usable I'm mowing everything down even by myself. Is this pretty alright ettiquette? lol Obviously i change things up for different situations, I just wanna know what is effective and if there is anything that is expected of me in a group as an archer. The Dex and Evasion help out when something catches me, and then i spam pots if i need to which is VERY rarely.

STR 11 DEX 74 INT 1

Thanks again this community in-game and out seems to be great!!

09-23-2010, 03:01 PM
just keep kiting and you will rarely die. i'm not sure if you are talking about pvp when you told your strategy. however for both pve and pvp, always buff and use blast shot when you are in tricky situations and need to kill enemies fast. don't always spam skills because you won't have a lot of mana regen so you will have to keep drinking mana pots. when i was a low level bird, i mainly only used focus and that was it to save my mana pots and money; evasion isn't necessary if you don't get hit.
however, for pvp, focus and evasion is necessary and always debuff before you start your combo(s).

09-23-2010, 05:39 PM
It's all PvE so far. I use evasion as a safe guard. Then Restore is big, with focus, then meditation just in case. So you think i could PvP with this toon?

09-23-2010, 05:51 PM
you can pvp for any level. pure archers really good for low levels.